maven46 & Diet Coke Present: Classics Reimagined

Who says you can’t improve on perfection? These classics say otherwise

Words by Tanya Grimson
April 20th, 2018

They’re called classics for a reason. Be it a drink, a movie, a song or a fashion trend, they can stand the test of time and are continuously revered. Due to the popularity and prolonged affection for the next big ‘It’ thing, it’s only natural that later generations can’t resist the urge to try and improve on it by re-working or retelling it to see if they too might have the Midas touch.

No one knows this better than Hollywood with a constant succession of classic remakes being churned out year on year, but none have had the impact of the much anticipated ‘re-awakening’ of the Stars Wars franchise. Considering the disastrous nature of Episodes I, II and III, not much hope was held for the remake until it was announced that sci-fi genius and genuine Star Wars fan, director J.J. Abrams, was at the helm. Not suffice with retelling the classic, it was time to reintroduce the most loved elements of the original, the original characters that made the movie. The rest is history as they say, as Jackson did the inconceivable and defied the sceptics, the classic devotees, by creating a modern homage to the original with a clear new agenda that not only honoured the original but improved on it too.

Star Wars 1978
Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 2015

In 2018 it appears Hollywood is still not satisfied with their classic remakes and have boldly stepped where no one has gone before with the imminent release of the classic Disney movie, Mary Poppins. It’s been 53 years since the original Mary Poppins umbrellaed its way into our lives and now she is back in the guise of Emily Blunt in this musical reboot. The trailer is magical and Emily Blunt is likeable so it might just be the new lease of life needed to introduce this much-loved movie to a new generation.

Watch the trailer below.

The same can be said for fashion; fashion is without a doubt cyclical by nature and it is rare to see a brand new trend completely change the path of the way we dress. It is more likely to be a modern interpretation of something that we have seen before in a different guise, styled in a new way or cut with modern techniques to be worn without a retrospective nod. Then, there are times when there are distinct references taken directly from history such as this season’s love affair with the ’70s, ’80s and the ’90s, and you can expect this throwback to continue as the ’80s is one of the biggest stories to come out of the recent fashion weeks for AW18. Shoulder pads at the ready.

maven46-diet-coke-classics-reimaginedphoto: ©
Gucci SS18
maven46-diet-coke-classics-reimaginedphoto: ©
Gucci SS18
maven46-diet-coke-classics-reimaginedphoto: ©
Versace SS18

This retelling can also be applied to food and drink; our lives evolve, the way we taste has evolved so it is only natural that flavours should evolve with us and no one knows this better than Diet Coke. Last month Diet Coke launched two new exciting flavours to compliment the classic Diet Coke range. The new flavours, Diet Coke Exotic Mango and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Peach, are designed for the adventurous, for those looking to try something new and to entice their enhanced palettes. Diet Coke Exotic Mango has subtle tropical notes while Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Peach is paying tribute to its hero product with additional fruity overtones making both the ideal accompaniment to any summer evening. 

Diet Coke Exotic Mango
Diet Coke

Because we are celebrating classics reimagined, we caught up with two leading ladies with backgrounds in fashion and music to tell us which time-honoured pieces from their respective fields improved with a modern retelling…

Louise Duffy, DJ, Today FM


“Remixing a classic can be a risky endeavour. ’90s dance tracks are enshrined in a happy, hazy place in our memories, taking us somewhere more carefree; drink in hand, friends en masse. So if you’re going to tamper with that sound, you better do it right, and no one does it better than Cyril Hahn.

The Swiss producer has the midas touch when it comes to reimagining the classics, making them so much better than before. Five years ago he reworked and released his mix of Destiny’s Child Say My Name, and I don’t think I have done a set since that doesn’t feature it.

He is the master of the remix, bringing a moody, ethereal feel to everything he reworks. With Say My Name, he manages to maintain the integrity of the original, but he slows it all down and injects a poignancy that didn’t exist before. He is the producer artists look to, to improve their tracks, waving his magic wand over the music of Solange, Sia, Jessie Ware and Haim. Every time, he makes it better.”

Corina Gaffey, Fashion Stylist


“Circa 2005, I wore cowboy boots with low-slung weaved belts and flippy tiered dresses, trying to channel my inner bohemian Sienna Miller, the sartorial style crush of the early Aughts. This time around, the cowboy boots are reimagined, revamped and coined western. The silhouettes are looser – and the boots more versatile – think less cowgirl more rock’n’roll and I’m on board to tackle the rootin’ tootin’ trend, again. Calvin Klein was one of the first to saddle up to the throwback trend but Céline, House of Holland, Mango and Ganni have all spurred into action proving that this trend is anything but a novelty.

A boot that now works nicely thanks to the winter chills still lingering, they’ll bring plenty of mileage for the festival season too. For the coolest way to wear the western-style boot, opt for the least literal take on the cowboy troupe in versatile shades of black, tan or white and pair with sleek printed midi dresses or cropped jeans.”


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