The Updated Athleisure Look

It's time to upgrade your activewear

Words by Alba Tarragó
October 9th, 2017

We all feel the pressure of routine when autumn starts. Holidays come to an end, kids return to school while the adults return to work, if they ever left, that is, and of course the exercise routine we got into the swing of before the summer is all but forgotten about… Thankfully, this season’s new collections are full of activewear inspired pieces which will not only update your wardrobe for autumn but also motivate you to get back on the bike (hopefully but we’re not promising anything here!). Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top athleisure trends to invest in and have you looking and feeling your best.


Side Stripe Trousers

A stripe down the side of on any pair of trousers has always been distinctive sports sign. With the popularity of the athleisure look over the past few seasons, both high and low-end brands have been using this symbol as a lure for fans of the trend. But for AW17, there’s a new detail on the scene: side buttons. Equally as sporty but perhaps a little chicer, side button pants are an easy way to update your wardrobe this season.

The Brand Logo Tee

Slogan tees were a huge hit this summer with various political and fashion related statements screened across our chests but now it’s the turn of the brand logo. While this may seem flashy, it’s no different to wearing a band tee in dedication to your music icons – it’s simply showing off your personality and which brand you’re a diehard for. Whether you’re an original Levi’s girl or Gucci has stolen your heart, just pick your favourite one and make it iconic.

The Reinvented Tracksuit

Kanye West has been working on making tracksuits look cool ever since he launched and personally sported his range of velvet hoodies and joggers. But this season, we’re seeing tracksuits in every sort of fabric such as satin, silk and cashmere, giving the humble tracksuit a luxurious twist. Regardless of whether or not you actually intend on wearing a cashmere tracksuit to work out in, it screams athleisure.

Tonal dressing is key this season so why not mix two trends in one by wearing a tracksuit set in your favourite shade? It’s never been so effortless and comfy to create an outfit.

The Puffer Jacket

Ever since we saw Chanel’s Fall 2017 collection at Paris Fashion Week we realised two things: 1. Karl Lagerfeld is capable of anything (including fitting a spaceship inside of the Grand Palais). 2. Puffer jacket fever has well and truly taken hold. It’s been said that ” winter is coming” but we’re not afraid anymore with our new duvet jackets to keep us warm.

’70s Hip-hop Influence

We’re truly feeling the influence of luxury designers this season. This time, Valentino is the one responsible for that ’70s vibe that has invaded this season. After the brand’s Cruise collection, inspired by hip-hop series The Get Down, polo necks, jewel tones and flared pants have been spotted on every front row.

Ankle Boots

Talking about sporty chic… The sporty element comes from the tracksuit, right? But how do you make it chic? The answer is on your feet. Ankle boots! Trainers will have to step aside this season because to make this look work you need something a little less casual and a little sleeker. A slimming pair of sock boots is the ultimate choice here to balance out the look.

The Belt Bag

Gucci bags are the ultimate statement but if you’re going to invest in one, which one do you choose? This season, we’re hedging our bets on the brand’s belt bag, or as you may have previously called them in jest, bum bags. Kendall Jenner made our hearts flutter when she strutted the streets of Paris with a belt bag around her waist, looking infinitely cool. How can something so practical be so fashionable at the same time? Of course, Gucci isn’t the only one reinventing the belt bag. Where designers go, the high street follows and you’ll find a range of more affordable versions out there to test this sporty trend.