10 Wardrobe Essentials We Should All Invest In

These are the items we can't live without!

Words by Michelle Hanley
September 4th, 2017

It’s safe to say that some items never date and will remain chic regardless of passing trends. This edit will show you what you need to complete your capsule wardrobe and how to buy items that you won’t regret come the following season. Scroll down to see what we can’t live without and discover our tips on how to get the AW17 street style looks with these wardrobe essentials.



Arguably the sexiest number in any wardrobe, it’s also the easiest item to accessorise and in the fit that suits you it can make you feel a million bucks.

AW17 Update: A little black dress can be styled casually with jeans or trousers underneath or you can bare all for a jaw dropping look. ’90s spaghetti straps are still the business so you can channel your inner Posh Spice.

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The Trench Coat

The quintessential outerwear of Film Noir, a signature look of every ’50s film star from Humphrey Bogart to Marlene Dietrich, and donned by countless bloggers ever since, the trench coat is a timeless piece that ought to be in every woman’s wardrobe.

AW17 Update: Emerald green and dark navy varieties are popular shades of the moment but stick to the classic beige and it will never date.

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Smart Flats

In certain situations, trainers just won’t cut it (unfortunately!) so if you are all about comfort then get yourself a good pair of loafers, brogues or Chelsea boots for the winter months.

AW17 Update: Gucci horsebit-detailed loafers are undoubtedly the blogger’s choice of best buy this year but with hundreds of varieties available on the high street, the choice is yours.

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Hold-all Totes

If, like me, you can’t leave the house without the kitchen sink then a giant hold-all is what you need. Doubling up as a briefcase or carry-on suitcase, these babies are worth their weight in gold.

AW17 Update: Brightly coloured bags with every form of embellishment imaginable are filling the shop floors this season, while the gold hardware trend is still going strong.

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The Leather Jacket

The most badass of all wardrobe essentials, there has barely been a rock star born that hasn’t at one point or another worn a black leather jacket.

AW17 Update: Oversized and fur or shearling lined is the AW17 take but you can’t beat the classic collared version with open lapels.

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The Breton Stripe Top

The Brittany sailors were a chic lot, spurring on one of the most classic T-shirt designs of all time, the simple horizontal striped top otherwise known as the Breton. Made iconic by Jean Seberg in Godard’s A Bout de Souffle and later by Kurt Cobain, it is the epitome of effortless French style.

AW17 Update: A throw back to Nineties Benetton, these striped shirts are available in every colour under the rainbow this season.

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The Aran Jumper

Our own sailors were also onto a winner with this classic cable knit jumper designed in an endless variety of knitting patterns that were rumoured to be an identifying trick in case of shipwreck.

AW17 Update: Irish company & Daughter is breathing new life into the unique sweater, while this cosy red knit is sure to turn heads.

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The Trouser Suit

There is very little that will make you feel more powerful and in control than wearing a trouser suit. Not just a workplace essential, this classy co-ord is perfect for a night out or even a wedding.

AW17 Update: Bright pink and darker shades of mustard, emerald and navy are the ‘It’ colours this season but if you want the real street style look them opt for a striped style.

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The Wrist Watch

Relying on technology for your timekeeping is a risky business so why not invest in a watch that will add to any outfit and doesn’t need to be charged?

AW17 Update: Gold is big in watches (and most jewellery) this season. Why not support Irish and invest in the classic gold face update of the N1N watch from Dublin design studio, Notion?

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The Light Blue Shirt

The unsung hero of any wardrobe, a light blue shirt works hard for its buck. Whether striped or plain, this pyjama-inspired look is your lazy Sunday go-to piece.

AW17 Update: The deconstructed trend is still a favourite for designers and bloggers alike this season so try layering under dresses and tight tops (think turtleneck) for a warmer winter trend.

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