Invest in a Summer of Colour Inspired by Matisse

Fashion and art collide once more


Words by Michelle Hanley
May 15th, 2017

From designer to high-street, the prolific life’s work of Henri Matisse is brightening up spring/summer collections across the board. We take a look at the different phases of his career and match it with ready-to-wear items you can incorporate into your wardrobe as an homage to the master of colour himself.

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Early, Fauvism

Take on the colour palette of the ‘Wild Beasts’ this summer and add some turquoise, bright yellows and corals to your closet. Look out for patterns of simplified forms with colours that are not true to the natural world which dominated the work of this early 20th Century movement.

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Open Window, Collioure, 1905
& Other Stories, €99.00
The Goldfish, 1910
Monki, €25.00

Middle, Line portraits

Some of Matisse’s most iconic work were thick unshaded line portraits mostly made from the 1930s onwards and can be found on every form of clothing item and accessory this spring/summer from earrings to string tops.

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Pasiphae, plate 4, 1944
Paloma Wool, €55.25
Face ink on paper, 1950
Mango, €9.95

Late, Cut-outs

After becoming wheelchair bound in his later life, Matisse swapped the brush for the scissor and created colourful cut-out collages. His cheerful and bright signature leaf and coral motifs are perfect for summertime attire and have a tropical feel that has dominating designs for this warmer time of year.

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Blue Nude II, 1952
& Other Srories, €69.00
La Gerbe, 1953
Front Row Shop, $19.20

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