maven46 meets: Rosie Fortescue

The fashion blogger and designer behind the eponymous jewellery line

maven46-meets-rosie-fortescue-bannerphoto: Rosie Fortescue Jewellery

Words by Nicole Thomsen
May 16th, 2017



As one of the original cast members of the stylish structured-reality series, Made in Chelsea, Rosie Fortescue is well-known for her fashion prowess which she documents on her blog, A Fashion Forte. Having just released the new collection for her eponymous jewellery line, we caught up with the fashion blogger-come-jewellery designer to talk all things style, her typical day, and her multifaceted career.

On her typical day…

Every day is different for me. I am either working on my jewellery, my blog or running around to meetings. Or I am dealing with my stock stuck in customs and general nightmares that come with owning a brand. Each day is a learning experience and I love it.

On Rosie Fortescue Jewellery…

I’ve just launched my new collection which is beyond exciting. I have taken the time to really design pieces that I feel my customer wants, but also wearable, statement pieces that are timeless. I am obsessed with this new collection!

On the jewellery trends that will be big next season…

Chunky hoops and statement pieces. I am all about a chunkier vibe at the moment and big hoops for the summer.


On real jewellery versus costume pieces…

Don’t get my wrong, I invest in luxury items. I recently bought a tennis bracelet which I haven’t taken off since. However, for me, jewellery is what completes an outfit, and how I really show off my style. I want my jewellery to be accessible and wearable and be able to be the finishing touches to a killer outfit.

On her career since starting on Made in Chelsea…

The biggest surprise is that I have started my jewellery brand and every day when a customer orders (which I see and personally manage) it’s a dream come true. I have always wanted to start my own brand but took my time to do it right and really focus on it. It’s my baby, my dream and totally worth the late nights!

On dealing with online negativity…

I have become so immune to it over the past seven years that I really don’t care anymore. Half the time people want a reaction and thankfully I am too busy to give them one.

On her background in art…

I wouldn’t say it has impacted but it has surely helped me with the way I see items and my eye for fashion and jewellery.

On personal style…

Personal style is truly how you express yourself, or how I do anyway. Some days I am uber feminine, and others I am super chilled. It depends on my mood and my vibe and my jewellery is chosen accordingly. 

On her daily uniform…

My go-to outfit is boyfriend jeans, silk shirt and blazer with heels. It’s how I feel most comfortable but feminine at the same time.

On the new season trends…

I love gingham. I have a new red gingham dress in my wardrobe which I adore. Super cool with a leather jacket and biker boots, or even with heels for a night out. Versatility is key!

I think trends are good for inspiration but they don’t always suit you so there’s no point in following just to follow the crowd. Knowing what suits your body and style is way more important than following a trend.

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