6 Pieces We Want From Alexa Chung’s New Fashion Line

The collection we've been waiting for is finally here


Words by Nicole Thomsen
May 31st, 2017

Everything she wears becomes a sell-out or spawns multiple copies along the high street, making her a marketing dream but now, after a decade in the spotlight as a millennial style icon, Alexa Chung must try and replicate this form of fashion success and prove her worth with her own designs.

This week, the TV presenter and fashion journalist launched her eponymous fashion line, Alexachung. But in an era where celebrities and influencers alike put their name to anything and everything such as clothing collections, beauty products, and homeware, it begs the question, is this just another short-lived celebrity fad? Only the market success of the collection can truly answer this but already it’s quite clear that Alexa is on a similar path that Victoria Beckham once found herself on 9 years ago when she first launched her fashion brand.

The collection reflects the fashion icon’s innate style, featuring heavily all those items we’ve come to relate to Alexa; dungarees, Mary Janes, slogan tees, and pinafore dresses. Her personal kitsch vintage style, which is transcendent of seasons, expertly pairing a ’60s mini with a prairie style blouse and Noughties loafers, is present throughout. Every item could have been pulled straight from Alexa’s own closet, as though she picked them up in Topshop. You’d be hard pressed to refine the collection to a specific decade but Alexa is not trying to follow the seasonal trends.

Make no mistake, this collection will sell thanks to the power of her name and influence but also as a result of it being a sound compilation of clothes, shoes and jewellery. There is no puffery here. Alexa has stayed true to her signature aesthetic while her previous collaborations with the likes of Madewell, AG Denim and Marks & Spencer have clearly provided her with the experience she needed to produce a sell-out collection under her own guise.

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