15 Pieces From the High Street That Look High End

Minus the price tag

high-street-items-look-high-end-maven46-bannerphoto: Mango SS17

Words by Nicole Thomsen
April 11th, 2017

Our love for beautiful things knows no bounds, however, our bank accounts doth protest. If we were to give in to our desires every time we saw a new collection from our favourite designers, it’s safe to say we’d be in the red. Thankfully, high street stores are on to us, producing items that even designers can’t always compete with, given their lucratively affordable prices.

With brands like H&M, Mango and Topshop, who all create ‘premium’ collections, it’s easier than ever to look a million dollars without breaking the bank. These fast fashion stores have a knack for making something on the cheaper end of the spectrum look more expensive than they are. It’s all down to the material used, the cut, the silhouette and sometimes even the print of the item that makes a difference. Of course, these products often end up being slightly more expensive than the brand’s average retail price but in the grand scheme of things, they’re worth the extra €10; particularly when you’re buying a €70 dress in Mango that looks as though it could be by Céline. Keep scrolling to see our top pick of items that look more high end than high street this season.



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