maven46 meets: Elisa Schenke

A Berlin based blogger with enviable minimal style

Words by Síomha Connolly
December 20th, 2016

Elisa Schenke is a blogger based in the creative hub of Berlin. Her blog SCHWARZER SAMT is a photo diary which documents her lifestyle from her personal style, interiors and travel destinations. A haven for the minimalist devotee, SCHWARZER SAMT will be your new go-to for some monochrome outfit inspiration.

On work life…

For two years now I have been living in the city my heart was always beating for: Berlin. After my graduation I wanted to move to Berlin to do something creative and get inspired by the city. With the move the blog has grown more and more into a professional one and is now much more than a hobby. When I’m not blogging I’m studying fashion marketing so my life is surrounded by fashion all the time.

On downtime…

As my schedule is very busy, I try to spend my days off relaxed and together with my loved ones. That means sleeping late, going for brunch, reading a magazine, watching a series or cooking something special – actually everything I don’t have time for in my daily life.

On discovering blogging…

I started blogging for the first time when I was 14, I guess, but I realised soon, that it’s impossible to run a blog on your own, at least when you want to share something about your personal style. So I scrapped the idea very quickly. Three years later I gave the blogging thing a new try and SCHWARZER SAMT was born.

I always loved to work creatively and being productive so I wanted to establish a place where I could do both. The photography was a main part of that process. First, I shared pictures of photo shoots I did with photographers and as time went by I started to do my own shoots with more and more focus on the fashion aspect.


On wardrobe essentials…

I think this would be the perfect pair of jeans, in my case a high waist one from Weekday.

On key investment purchases…

A really good leather jacket. I think a classic black biker jacket never goes out of fashion.

Online shopping or offline?

Offline, definitely. I like to touch the fabric and try things on. There is nothing more frustrating than returning everything because nothing fits at home.

On inspirational women…

I would love to meet J.K. Rowling, because I mean who doesn’t like Harry (Potter)? He was my childhood hero. It’s so impressive how a person can have such a vivid imagination.


On dream destinations…

I couldn’t define just one favourite destination, but for years Iceland was on the top of my travel bucket list. Maybe it will take some time ’til this dream comes true, but I will definitely visit this amazing place someday.

On travel essentials…

Although it’s not only my travel essentials, but I always have my phone plus a charger with me. To keep the journey as relaxed as possible, I also have my iPod with my current favourite songs with me. To travel with as little stuff as possible, I try to buy mini versions of the products or refill it in smaller bottles. I always have my favourite hand cream from Aesop, lip balm and my day cream with me. And for long trips don’t forget the toothpaste!

On dream living locations…

Considering the bad weather at the moment, I would maybe choose Cape Town, but I could also imagine living in Copenhagen, at least in summer. But actually I’m very happy to live here in Berlin. I think Berlin is a very young and creative city and is always changing, that’s what I like.

You can visit Elisa’s blog at SCHWARZER SAMT and Instagram at @_schwarzersamt. All images are taken from SCHWARZER SAMT.