How to Style Silk Scarves Like a Pro

the new and improved ways to wear this simple accessory


Words by Síomha Connolly
November 29th, 2016

The power of accessories should not be underestimated, these are the pieces that have the ability to make an ordinary outfit into something much more interesting. Here at maven46 our accessory du jour is the silk scarf. Renowned for adding a sophisticated polish and a hint of French chic, a silk scarf could be just the accessory your wardrobe has been missing.

The most appealing aspect of a silk scarf is the variety of ways in which you can wear it; wrapped tightly and thinly for a choker-like look, folded diagonally for a bandana style neckerchief, worn long and loose for a relaxed feel, draped over one shoulder front and back, these neck options are endless. But where this silky style gets even more interesting is when it’s worn in more intricate ways; wrap your silk scarf around your wrist or ankle, wear it as a headscarf, loop it through the waist of your trousers, or tie it around the strap of your handbag for a simple yet elegant accessory revamp. Illustrated by the street style images below, we’ve found the most interesting new ways to wear silk scarves.

Worn tied around the neck…


Or in more unique and colourful ways…


The options are endless. So whether you opt for a simple neckerchief or a tightly tied choker style, oversized or skinny in size, printed or plain in design, there’s something for everyone when it comes to silk scarves. We’ve compiled a list of the most interesting items on the market right now, starting with this limited edition collaboration scarf from Lisa Ryder and milliner, Martha Lynn. This scarf made from Italian silk has set our hearts racing with its horse print and race stripe detail. A unique piece to treasure forever, this silk scarf is top of our list and would make the perfect gift for someone special this Christmas.

A simple silk scarf is the effortless update your outfits have been waiting for, read on to shop our top picks for you to buy right now.

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* sponsored post by Lisa Ryder Designs