Top scarves to invest in this season

sacrificing style for function is a thing of the past


Words by Emma Connell
October 6th, 2016

With the hibernation months closing in, we ask ourselves are we ready to face the early morning chills and late night freezes? Well certainly not, without the correct accoutrements in tow!  The seasonably cold temperatures call for extra layering and reinforcement materials to block out the unwanted breezes.  Generally during the cooler months, people tend to favour sensibility over style, which is understandable, but we want to help make winter dressing that little bit more exciting, considering winter fashion is often the most stylish with sumptuous layering possibilities bountiful.

Adding a scarf to an outfit can quite literally transform a look from drab to fab. With its practicality and ability to inject colour to even the most dullest of ensembles, means they are a must to include in any autumn winter wardrobe.

We have accumulated the best cashmere, wool and oversized scarves to help combat the chillier months that will never leave you sacrificing style for function.