What to Wear When Travelling

Make the airport your runway


Words by Nicole Thomsen
July 25th, 2016

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of heading to the airport knowing that in a matter of hours (or days) you’ll find yourself in a new location. However, while you may have your carry-on and suitcase packed and ready to fly, there’s still one hurdle to pass before you can truly relax into holiday mode- finding the right airport style.

We’re all in favour of being comfortable (as comfortable as you possibly can be while flying) but that doesn’t mean resorting to wearing your pyjamas in public- there goes the chance of a spontaneous upgrade to first class. With a little help from the people who do it best, we’ve put together a travel guide below with outfits and key pieces that will not only offer comfort and cut your security check time by half but also ensure that you arrive in style. Remember, first impressions are everything.

Midi Skirt


Now that her days as a Spice Girl are behind her, it appears that Victoria Beckham cannot put a foot out of place in the fashion department. Case in point: this coordinating outfit she wore whilst making her way through arrivals at JFK. The sporty yet ladylike ensemble is a prime example of how to travel in comfort without compromising on style.

A midi skirt is ideal for long periods of sitting in a confined space. It will accommodate for any swelling that may occur but most importantly it won’t ride up like a pair of denim jeans would. Pair it with a bomber jacket so that you are prepared for fluctuating temperatures both in the airport and on the plane. Of course, the choice of shoewear is up to you. Heels may be Victoria’s longstanding go-to but for ease we suggest a pair of stark white trainers.

Track Pants


Call it the Vetements effect but sometime in the past year track pants became a viable wardrobe choice for non-workout related engagements. While I don’t need to explain why these are an expert choice in terms of comfort, they can be tricky to pull off without looking as though you’re headed to the gym as opposed to the airport but Rosie Huntington-Whiteley proved it can be done.

By teaming her Chloé pants with a relaxed blazer and sandals, Rosie smartened up her overall look enabling her to travel in both comfort and style. If you choose to go down the track pant route opt for a pair that have a loose fit, are made of a luxe, heavy material and choose darker shades of black and navy.



When it comes to selecting clothing for travelling, fabric should be the number one thing you consider. A pair of high-rise mom jeans may feel great when you first put them on but after 5 hours of sitting in the same position we guarantee you will be rethinking your decision.

Instead, plan an outfit that involves plenty of soft fabrics that move freely with your body. Knitwear is the perfect choice here as Kendall Jenner displayed in matching nude rib separates while departing LAX airport. Knitted pieces won’t crease so you’ll still look as put together getting off the plane as you did getting on. Cotton should also be a go-to along with viscose which feels cool and smooth and allows the skin to breathe.



By far the most important aspect of airport attire is footwear. Functionality is of the essence in case you need to run from the check-in desk to the departure gate but they also need to be quick to remove and slip back into at security check therefore no lace-up shoes allowed. Loafers, ballet pumps, espadrilles and mules all work well here as they offer comfort, practicality and add a touch of elegance.

Elle Fanning continued the theme of stylish practicality with a loose-fitting shirt dress for optimum comfort while the lightweight duster coat is suitable for most climates making it the perfect travel outerwear.

Cross Body Bag


If you can only bring one handbag with you make sure it has a cross body strap. A cross body bag like Victoria Beckham’s is ideal as it enables you to stroll carefree through the airport, allowing you to test as many products as you possibly can in the Duty-Free section whilst still holding on to your coffee. There is also comfort in knowing that your boarding pass and passport are safely at your side without having to hold on to them in your hand.

And while I won’t deny that a jumpsuit is not always the ideal sartorial choice when travelling (bathroom nightmare), if you’re hopping on a short flight a jumpsuit is a stylish option. With its relaxed, loose shape, a jumpsuit such as this makes for cosy plane-wear. Plus, an all-in-one will save you time in the morning when getting dressed which is always a bonus when trying to catch a 5am flight.

Now that you know the key picks to look out for, plan your airport style now so that you arrive in comfort and style. Click to shop the pieces below.