Urban Outfitters ReWork is Revealed

The brand's new sustainable collection

maven46-urban outfitters-rework-feature image

Words by Síomha Connolly
June 30th, 2016

Urban Outfitters has added to their list of in-house collections with ReWork, a collection of sustainable clothes made from remnant fabrics. ReWork’s unique selling point is that the fabrics are chosen before the designs are made, a somewhat backwards design process, but one which aims to salvage waste materials. The collection has a vintage, Nineties feel and is somewhat similar to the Urban Renewal line that has worked well for the brand for the last number of years. An experimental collection, ReWork shows interesting design choices and techniques based entirely on the characteristics of the fabrics and is not trend led as the majority of high street clothing is. Another element adding to this collection’s individuality is that each item will be created as a limited edition, offering only a select number of each original product with each piece labelled with a line number, indicating the quantity of all of the items. This can only add to the lines’ appeal, knowing that the chance of seeing a passerby on the street in the same item as you is limited.

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Lizzie Dawson, Urban Outfitters’ head of design who joined last year from Topshop, told British Vogue: “It’s experimental and designed from what feels right opposed to chasing trends. Fashion is fast and the landscape is constantly changing and evolving. By offering something like ReWork, I’m hoping that we can offer the new and unseen to our customers.” The Nineties styled range which is entirely made in London features items such as a slip dress, shirt dresses, culottes and tracksuit style trousers, with prints in gingham and check reminiscent of true Nineties fashion. The collection ranges from £40-£120.

ReWork is available to buy in store and online now, see below for maven46‘ favourite pieces from the collection.