The Tracksuit Timeline

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Words by Hayley Reynolds
June 9th, 2016

Once known as the clothing that was barred from certain restaurants and clubs, tracksuits have become the ‘in’ thing to wear but has fashion recycling gone too far with this one? Are we really ready to buy into this trend and wear it to dinner? With the tracksuit making a big comeback this season, we take a look at the past influencers of the so-called nostalgic trend.

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The ’70s 

It all started when Bruce Lee wore an iconic mustard tracksuit in the movie ‘Game of Death’. Thus, the tracksuit was welcomed into the world as a fashion statement. Worn by mainly men in this era, it was a sign of looking sauvée and cool but still having a major athletic influence.

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The ’80s

The hip-hop scene was booming and RUN DMC made music history while donning matching black adidas tracksuits with stacks of gold chains. This is when the Fresh Prince and power-walking all came to be which inspired the lives of many to take on the relaxed trend. From crazy colours to sweatband accessories, this was the decade that truly questioned the look.

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The late ’90s/Noughties

Girl Power was in full swing with the likes of Mel C sporting (get it) high kicks, crop tops and tracksuits. This is the time when women started to take on the trend and really own it. Jennifer Lopez famously wore a pale pink velour tracksuit in her music video ‘I’m Real’ while Britney Spears followed in her league. Paris Hilton’s never-ending wardrobe of blue, green and pink Juicy Couture tracksuits were also a big influence on the Noughties suit.

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Vetements, Paco Rabanne and Gucci put tracksuits on the catwalk for both S/S16 and A/W16 shows while Chloé took the trend quite literal with model Edie Campbell wearing a low-slung red track suit with a racing stripe detail. It’s easier to wear the zip-up track jacket or bottoms separately but if you are going for the full look pair them with sandals or mules to give a 2016 take on the look.

Whatever the next step is for fashion, is it really going in the right direction? Are we ready to don an Adidas and stilettos ensemble? Just be sure to keep your jewellery to a minimum to prevent you from looking borderline cheap or the next Vicky Pollard! As the jury sits firmly on the fence, where do you stand? Is it chavtastic or simply fantastic? Start the tracksuit debate by letting us know in the comments box below.

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