How to Wear White

Which shade will you be?

Words by Emma Connell
June 14th, 2016

White has always been a dominant colour for summer, with designers frequently turning out collections consisting entirely of the one hue, and summer ’16 is no different. Collections featured fresh, bright shades which were balanced softly by vanilla hues creating a neutral feel. Tints of cream and ivory were also seen to add an exquisite touch to the garments. But like every other colour, if you don’t know your ivory shades from your cream then white can be a tricky colour to wear. If we’ve lost you within the frosted colour spectrum keep reading to find out how to combat this and pick the shade that’s perfect for you.

Knowing your skin tone can work wonders for your overall appearance. Have you ever tried something on and thought there is something off, but struggle to put a finger on it? If so, perhaps the problem is the shade. It may sound frivolous to think, but there is actually an abundance of different shades of white that you may not even be aware of and each one will suit a different skin tone.

First things first, start examining your skin tone. When determining your colouring it’s important to take into consideration two things, your surface colour and the underlying pigment.

Figuring out what your surface colour is is the easy part. By looking into the mirror you can see straight away if you are fair, light, medium or dark.

The undertone, however, forms the basis of your overall skin shade. It is the underlying muted hue that lies beneath, giving you that cool, warm or neutral tone. For example, I fall under the fair and cool category as I am pale with a pink hue to my skin. Someone with warm skin tends to have a yellow hue to their skin while someone who is neutral would generally have a light to medium skin tone which doesn’t seem to be particularly pink or yellow. An easy way to figure out which undertone you are is by analysing the jewellery you wear. If you find that gold looks best against your complexion then you are most likely warm-toned, while if silver sits better on you then you have a cool undertone. If you can wear both then you have a neutral undertone.

After noting that, you can start choosing the right hue that is going to accentuate the best of you. Keep in mind when shopping that if you are fair skinned, it is best to be on the look out for a warm shade of white which is going to add a nice, gentle warmth to the skin. Steer clear of starker shades, to avoid looking ghostly and washed out.

Olive skin tones might like to consider cool champagne whites, which have an underlying pink hue, whilst medium skins should try creamier almost ivory shades. If you have dark skin, you are lucky; you are going to look great in almost any shade of white so you need not worry too much.

Apply these foolproof guidelines to your next shopping spree to optimize your alabaster look this summer.

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