20 Jumpsuits We Can’t Get Enough of this Summer

A foolproof guide to the best easy styling pieces for both day and night

Words by Emma Connell
June 21st, 2016

A jumpsuit is undoubtedly going to be one of the most versatile items you will have in your wardrobe this season. Think about it – how much time have you wasted trying to masterfully piece an outfit together in the early am, resulting in you frantically forgetting something of importance? If this sounds familiar, don’t worry you are not alone. Our definitive women’s jumpsuit edit will help you transition from day to night with ease with the only thing left to consider being what accessories will I wear with it? And that is, well, a conversation for another day!

maven46 - 20 jumpsuits for day and night
maven46 - 20 jumpsuits for night and day

Over the years, the long legged one-piece trend has gone through some highs and lows and then highs again.  It all started when the first jumpsuit made its debut appearance in 1919. Created by Florentine Thayat with the specific aim of targeting race drivers, aviators, and astronauts with liberating and subversive garments,- meaning it was actually designed for the James Bonds of the generation and Thayat was not only giving them something that was practical and easy to make but something that was also very ‘anti-Bourgeois’. However, as time has shown us over and over again that these all-in-ones were not exclusive to the elite adventurers and have gathered a fashion momentum of their own.  Since the thirties when jumpsuits were tailored in silk to wrap the female body or to the seventies when the iconic black jumpsuit was worn by David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust era, the jumpsuit has continued to come in and out of our lives, leaving quite an impression at every turn.

Jumpsuits have become an instant favourite among many legendary celebrities over the years and designers continue to explore their love affair by constantly reinventing the wheel and offering more cuts and shapes on the traditional offerings. But, it is the easy and contemporary styling that these all-in-one pieces offer that make them a no-brainer investment buy and the reason why they have been loved by women for decades. And this season, the SS16 catwalk collections showed no sign of the jumpsuit demand abating, if anything, the minimal and multiple offerings make us love them more and again. Among the SS16 catwalk collections, big fashion houses like Givenchy, Balmain and Chloé have proved these sleek overalls are on the homestead and we couldn’t be happier.

maven46 - 20 jumpsuits for night and day
maven46 - 20 jumpsuits for night and day
maven46 - 20 jumpsuits for night and day

This summer it is impossible to ignore or not be enticed by the many versions on offer from high end to high street; from flowy culotte versions to tailored ankle skimming bodysuits, you are without a doubt destined to find ‘the’ one to suit your needs and your tastes. And what better way than making an easy instant impression than with a ‘killer’ jumpsuit that makes styling look easy.

Follow our foolproof jumpsuit shopping guide designed to dazzle at night or impress for day.

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