Why We’re Loving Kick Flare Jeans

Time to take a break from your skinnies


Words by Nicole Thomsen
April 13th, 2016

You may have heard recently “skinny jeans are out” and gasped in horror at the abundance of skinnies in your wardrobe. But don’t through them away just yet. Skinny jeans may not be the style on designer’s minds right now but they have become a style staple, like the classic white shirt, that could never go out of fashion. For now though, cropped and wider style jeans are having their moment.

From denim culottes to the retro flare, there’s a whole array of jean trends for spring/summer 2016 but the clear winner of the lot is the cropped kick flare jean. A more subtle approach to the ’70s loving, wide (really wide) flare, the cropped flare is more like a cut-off version of the bootcut jeans that were our go-to in the Noughties. The jean is snuggly fitted around the thighs, like a pair skinnies, and gently flares out just below the knee and stops above the ankle, making them an ideal transition piece for those of us overly fond of our drainpipe jeans (and afraid of the Seventies).

Alexa Chung
Julia Sarr Jamois
Emma Roberts

The ankle-baring jean is perfect for the warmer months but will also bring you right into the depths of winter, depending on your footwear. These look best with a pair of loafers or block heels, particularly for the petite lady as the flash of skin will lengthen your legs. However, you can also swap out your loafers and team with a pair of ankle boots instead like Alexa Chung. Fair warning though, this isn’t as flattering if you are petite as it is on those who are 6ft models so if you are in anyway conscious of your height, avoid this pairing. But with fashion’s current love affair with loafers and mid-heels then this won’t be a problem. Suitable for day or night, if you invest in one denim trend this season, make it a pair of crop kick flares.

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