Declutter Your Wardrobe and Simplify Your Life!

Get the lowdown on how to have more with less thanks to The Happy Closet

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Words by Síomha Connolly
March 25th, 2016

Three wardrobes full of clothes but you still have nothing to wear. Sound familiar? You’re not alone according to Annmarie O’Connor, fashion stylist, journalist, and author of The Happy Closet. If you have hoarder habits when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories, then you need to get your hands on this book.

Make your mornings easier by downsizing your wardrobe and focusing on a capsule collection of basics that you can mix and match. By following Annmarie’s step-by-step guide you too can have a wardrobe to be proud of. One that will suit your personal style, lifestyle requirements and, of course, budget. From folding your knickers to walking in heels, The Happy Closet covers all the essential fashion tips that you need to know. According to Annmarie, “well-being is well-dressed” and with the help of this book, you too can simplify your life by de-cluttering your wardrobe.

Annmarie has over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, from styling to writing, and was also a self-confessed hoarder when it came to clothes until she managed to turn her habits around. If anyone knows what they’re talking about on this subject, it’s this lady. The first step to reforming your wardrobe is identifying what type of shopper you are; Doomsday Prepper, Secret Shopper, Black Widow. These are just a selection of the all-too-relevant personalities included in Annmarie’s list of nine closet types. The Happy Closet is here to help you realise the mistakes you’re making when it comes to wardrobe choices and to make sure you never make them again.

maven46-annmarie o'connor-the happy closet

If you are a classified trend fanatic you too can learn a thing or two from The Happy Closet. Rather than buying into every single trend as soon as it’s declared by the fashion gods, take some tips from Annmarie and discover how to “select rather than collect”. By identifying your personal style and finding what works for you and your body type you will soon see how to pick and choose trends that work within your wardrobe. You will no longer have to try and force those athleisure style joggers to work with that floaty boho kaftan you picked up in ’09 to channel your inner Sienna Miller. Annmarie recommends limiting your use of trends to get the most from the items you do buy. Learn how to avoid impulse buying by evaluating the gaps in your wardrobe, defining your needs, calculating your budget, and making lists. Once you complete The Happy Closet wardrobe detox you will find yourself having more with less.

Gathered from years of personal experience, The Happy Closet is well written with a constant flow of humour throughout. Annmarie’s book is like a friendly helping hand for anyone struggling with overflowing wardrobe(s) syndrome. Declutter your wardrobe and simplify your life with this must-read book for any closet hoarders.