It’s in the Bag- We have your Mother’s Day gift sorted!

Words by Tanya Grimson
March 4th, 2016

As a mum myself, Mother’s Day has to be one of my favourite holidays of the year, other than Christmas of course, who doesn’t like Christmas? But, it is the one day of the year you can be unapologetically selfish, expect to be treated like a queen and receive breakfast in bed (if you are lucky… Or trust your 5 year old to actually make something that is in fact edible, as you smile with the most gracious pride at their attempt…) But, when it comes to gifting, it comes back to what do women really want? Yes, we all (most) love flowers, but do we love to receive them on the day when they are expected and formulaic? I don’t think so. When we get right down to it, women love fashion, women love accessories, and if we break that down even further, women LOVE bags – small bags, big bags, round bags, square bags, carry-your-house size bags and of course the bag you ‘have to have’ just because…

When it comes to bags, there is no explanation for the number we need or indeed possess, it shouldn’t be questioned, nor should it need to be answered. The simple truth is, we can’t get enough and we never will as long as designers and retailers keep updating their eye candy styles that can completely change the overall look of your outfit in fell swoop.

So with this in mind, we have decided to forfeit all other Mother Day gift suggestions because there are too many to choose from and simply focus on the one thing that women and mothers of all ages and generations can’t refuse. So this Mother’s Day, don’t say it with flowers or chocolates or breakfast in bed. Say it with a bag!

We have hand selected our favourites 9 styles that we think deserve to be gifted. Because she’s worth it!

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For more styles to drool over, check out the bag section of our recently added shop.

Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mum’s out there!