Friends – What Would They Wear Now?

If Friends was still on TV what would Rachel, Monica and Phoebe wear now?


Words by Nicole Thomsen
October 21st, 2015

We’re all aware that fashion is cyclical. Trends go out of style quicker than the duration of a catwalk show, but rest assured they come back around again. Nothing displays this more clearly than Friends. Everybody’s favourite show ended 11 years ago in 2004 but thanks to constant re-runs, you can always find an episode or 10 to watch on TV. And you can’t deny it, Friends caused an enormous impact on how we looked and dressed over the course of its 10-year run. Despite the episodes being more than a decade old, the outfits are still on point and largely on trend. Circle, everybody. But what would Monica, Rachel and Phoebe wear now if they were still on TV?

Rachel Green


’90s Rachel Green loved adored denim. Denim shirts, denim waistcoats, dungarees, dungaree shorts… Denim. But as the seasons progressed so too did Rachel’s style. Rachel knew the power of simplicity. When her professional life took off as a buyer and personal shopper for Bloomingdale’s, and then Executive at Ralph Lauren, Rachel’s wardrobe became a little more sophisticated. But that was over 16 years ago. I’d like to think Rachel moved on from her role at Ralph Lauren to combine her love of fashion and celebrities to become a celebrity stylist. So, what would she wear in 2015?

Monica Geller


While she was never portrayed as the fashionable one on the show, I think it’s safe to say that the popularity of mom jeans was a direct result of Monica Geller. Whether or not that is a good or bad thing, I’ll let you decide. But when the ’90s ended, Monica’s style became a little less normcore and a little more classic with a ’70s touch (Mon loved a skinny scarf). 2015 would be the year of Monica with slightly flared trousers, blouses and flowy skirts. Oh, and you can’t forget a pair of knee-high boots — although, maybe not a pair that cost more than your rent and cause your feet to bleed.

Phoebe Buffay


Lover of the quirky and mismatched prints, Phoebe’s eclectic taste in clothes always proved to be a bit of a head-scratcher. While her Mother Earth style of dressing began to tone down towards the later seasons, I think in 2015, as a mother four children and a couple of rats — Mike and Phoebs totally had kids —, Phoebe would have returned to her roots in flowing patterned maxi dresses with statement necklaces to match (or mismatch).

While the TV show may never make a comeback, the fashion always will but whose style did you relate to the most? Tell us below in the comment box.