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30 Sunglasses that guarantee a brighter future


Words by Tanya Grimson
May 1st, 2015

Some people say you can’t have enough pairs of shoes, and although this is definitely true, for me that applies to sunglasses too (let’s not even get into bags for now). There is no style ‘to rule them all’ and how can one pair have enough personality to carry you through your various looks? They can’t! Which means that you should treat your sunnies like your handbag or shoes and style accordingly.

In my own little fashion dream world,  I would create a virtual walk in-wardrobe just for my collection of sunglasses so that you can see style them according to your outfit without having to try them all on. However, until that happens, I am quite content to continue collecting my definitive capsule collection that will see me through many situations, occasions and moods. (sometimes I don’t feel like wearing stripes or blue sunglasses) but when the sun truly shines the more exhibitionist my sunglasses become, reflecting what I feel like inside. Bringing me back to my original point, one pair does not suit all.

And now with daylight saving back, longer days, and sunnier opportunities aplenty, I get giddy with the thought of what sunglasses I will be buying. So, with that in mind and because as I said before, sunglasses are as personal to people as underwear preferences, it would be rude not to show you the best of each style to buy right now, and maybe even tempt you outside your comfort zone with some sunnies that will make you smile.

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The Classics

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Some styles never fade.


* Trend Alert*

Thanks to the big 70s and 90s rivival this season, round sunglasses are back and coming full circle. Take history lessons from John Lennon and Natalie Portman in Leon.


Wear them bug eyed, round or square, if they dont fill half your face, you’re only halfway there.

Cats Eye

Iconically 50s, instantly chic, they stand the test of time and we don’t approve.

Quirky but cool

Go on give them a try, they are so much fun.


The pilot style has got a 2015 facelift with quirky improvements that only make them sexier.

Tell us your go-to style for 2015 in the comments box below.


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