How To Dress Like Your Film Hero: Veronica Sawyer from cult movie Heathers

What goes around comes around - take your style notes from '80s hit, Heathers

Words by Nicole Thomsen
May 21st, 2015

“What’s your damage?” Yes, I will admit that the ’80s is not the best decade to refer to when looking for some outfit inspiration, but Heathers is a cult classic and I, like most, have a crush on Winona Ryder (Winona forever, am I right, Johnny? Apparently not in his case but the rest of us, loyalty stands firm). The movie encouraged a multitude of fashion trends or sins as some may call them such as power suits, colourful legwear and monocles. Monocles! While some of Veronica’s outfits may appear dated now, we are having a #throwbackthursday moment and have decided that there are plenty of aspects about her style that are current, achingly cool and totally adaptable.

Blue Is The Warmest Colour

Something you may or may not have noticed about the fashion in Heathers is that each main character was designated a colour theme. Veronica’s was blue. Remember that head-to-toe blue power suit? ’80s dressing at its finest. So step one for dressing like your favourite Heather is to don the cool shade. Blue is also having a major moment in fashion currently, so don’t feel dated, just updated.

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Belt And Suspenders

If there’s one item that the ‘Decade That Made Us’ loved more than leg warmers, it was suspenders and Veronica was no different. Think less ‘Fifty Shades’ and more grown-up pinafores.

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Off The Shoulders

Veronica is right on trend with her affinity for shoulder baring as one of the biggest trends for summer are one shoulder pieces. Amp up your wardrobe with some Bardot crop tops and people will be calling you Heather in no time.

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Will you or won’t you dress like your favourite Heather?


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