How To Dress: For An Interview In The Creative Industry

See what interviewers would like you to wear

Words by Nicole Thomsen
May 27th, 2015

Interviews can be tough. Dressing the part can be harder, especially when there are no set rules on how you should look in the creative industry (there’s no room for black suits here). While your ability to do the job you’re applying for is the most important aspect, the way in which you present yourself can mean the difference between getting the coveted position and having to hand out more CVs. So we’ve asked the very people who do conduct the interviews on what they like to see and we have created style sheets on what to wear, whether you’re interviewing for the role of Fashion PR Intern, Model Agency Booker, Graphic Designer or Stylist Assistant.


Fashion PR Intern

“When you are going for an interview within the fashion industry, my top two pieces of advice would be to avoid wearing a stuffy suit, and to also wear a piece from the brand that you are interviewing with. I like to get a sense of the interviewee’s style at an interview. For me personally, that would be something that demonstrates a knowledge of what is happening in the fashion world, but also highlights their own personal style at the same time.” Róisín Moloney (Press Officer for Aurora Fashions Ireland)

€55.00 at Warehouse
€49.95 at Zara
€68.49 at ASOS
€9.00 at COS

Graphic Designer

“As a graphic designer, I would expect this person to see clothes as an aesthetic also. They would wear something that has a simple structure with a natural understanding of colours and how they work together. They should have their own unique way of dressing, that is not entirely faithful to current fashion but is modern and quietly interesting. Essentially clothes with a simple design, strong colour and beautiful tailoring and hopefully this is reflected in their work too.” Michélé Grimson (Graphic Designer)

€69.00 at COS
€34.00 at Topshop
€355.61 by Studio Nicholson at Farfetch
€27.40 at ASOS

Agency Booker

“Style is obviously a very important part of working as a booker with a modelling agency because you are regularly liasing with clients, creatives and models on a day to day basis. For me, what impresses is someone who brings a unique sense of style, one that they own and feel comfortable in. It’s simple, but professional, confident but never overdone. You should think about the brand you’re interviewing for. What best represents them? You’re the girl who knows fashion, but is never a slave to it.” –Anne Morgan (Managing Director of Distinct Model Management)

€320.00 by Acne at Matches
€445.00 at Reiss
€98.00 at Topshop
€20.00 at Whistles

Stylist Assistant

“I want to see that the person has made an effort but isn’t trying too hard either. They need to show that they have an interest in fashion but individuality and having a unique flare is so important. It’s a fine line; because even though I’m a massive fan of trainers and they’re very much on trend right now, it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to arrive to an interview wearing a pair, brogues or loafers would be a much more stylish and appropriate alternative.” Tanya Grimson (Stylist and Founder of maven46)


€205.00 by Kenzo at Net-A-Porter
€225.00 at French Connection
€145.00 at & Other Stories
€30.14 by Orelia at ASOS

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