5 Irish Beauty Brands We Are Loving at the Moment

From skincare to makeup and everything in between

Words by Emma Tiernan
October 12th, 2018

The Irish beauty industry is growing at rapid speed and with the demand just getting higher it shows no signs of slowing down. From Pestle & Mortar, a skincare brand which has achieved cult status internationally, to SMAK Brushes, a relatively new brand to the market with a range of luxury makeup brushes that are – wait for it – affordable, we are taking a look at five Irish brands that are making waves here in Ireland and abroad.

Unlike some of their bigger, perhaps more well-known competitors, these brands really focus on quality products. For the brands that centre around skincare, many of them take inspiration from this beautiful island, including both land and sea, using ingredients derived from the plants and natural oils that are native to Ireland. Meanwhile, there are makeup brands that are built on the concept of building confidence and empowerment, giving women that secret weapon to go out looking and feeling ready to face the world. But regardless of their area, all of these brands source the best ingredients and materials when it comes to creating their products, making them ones to know.

Pestle & Mortar

Pestle & Mortar first rose to fame for its now cult Pure Hyaluronic Serum but it is one of the brand’s cleansing products that cultivated a 15,000 strong waitlist when it first launched. The Erase Balm Cleanser does exactly what it says on the tub: erases all traces of makeup in easy step- yes, even stubborn eye makeup.

As a busy mum of five, Sonia Deasy needed a skincare routine that was quick and effective. Unsatisfied with what was readily available, Sonia worked with her sister who has a degree in biochemistry to create a formula that appealed to her less-is-more approach to beauty and thus Pestle & Mortar was born. The aim of the brand is to create skincare products that are no fuss and contain natural ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals so you can be confident about what you put on your skin.

The Burren Perfumery

The Burren Perfumery is a family run business based in, you guessed it, the Burren. The brand’s aim is to create products that are superb quality and better than those being offered by the larger brands in the industry.

Inspired by the landscape around them, the perfume and cosmetics will remind you of the wild Atlantic, fresh herbs and Irish woodlands. The Perfumery also has its own herb garden used for the ingredients found in the products, so you are guaranteed that they are free from harsh chemicals and completely made from natural ingredients.

If you are around the Burren you can pop into the Perfumery and visit the tea rooms where they serve up a selection of organic cakes, scones and pies. You’ll also find homemade soups with freshly baked bread, selections of local cheeses and salads all made with organic vegetables from local suppliers accompanied by herbal teas from the garden and coffees from around the world. Sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon if you ask us.

SMAK Brushes

SMAK Brushes was founded in 2017 by Andreea Slabutu who is a passionate entrepreneur. With a brand ethos that aims to empower women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, the company is well on the way to achieving cult status in the makeup industry with its luxury brush sets.

From their affordable luxury (who would’ve thought we’d hear those two words in the same sentence?) brush sets to beauty essentials and cleaning kits, the brand caters to all your beauty kit needs. Not to mention a vegan range which offers high quality and luxurious synthetic brushes.


Joanne Reilly, the founder of Kinvara skincare, was frustrated by the products that were available on the market; either they were too expensive, didn’t work or full of what she considered harmful chemicals. Kinvara is the complete opposite; the ingredients found in the products are loaded with plants and are 100% natural. Reilly’s reason behind using plants to create her skincare line is down to the fact that plants are completely natural and contain no harmful chemicals and they are guaranteed to give you great results. Tell me more, you say?

The ingredients that can be found in Kinvara products are rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, minerals, clay and other amazing active ingredients. No wonder this brand has gained a devoted following both at home and abroad.


This now well-established makeup brand was set up back in 2005 and has a reputation for creating the best products that are made from ingredients that won’t clog your skin. The ethos behind the brand is that they want to help build the confidence of the women who wear their products, stating that there is “a sense of empowerment in looking and feeling ready to take on the world”.

Fuschia’s range of mineral-based makeup, which is makeup in its most natural form, is a must for those with problematic skin who feel the need for coverage but don’t want to aggravate the issue any further. The mineral range is buildable, long-lasting and free from nasty chemicals, giving skin a healthy glow.