Meet CACI- The Non-Surgical Solution to Growing Old Gracefully

And it works!


Words by Tanya Grimson
May 29th, 2017

The beauty industry can no doubt be a fickle one with the next ‘big thing’ being launched every other week. The reality is, it can be hard to keep up with and it is hard to know which one to put your trust in, never mind your hard earned cash. But, the beauty of my job (pardon the pun) is that I have the opportunity to test them out, become your virtual guinea pig if you will, and see which ones are worth the hype and which ones are effective but not worth the expensive price tags they often come with.

Recently I was informed of a relatively new treatment called the CACI, which is a range of non-surgical solutions for the face and body. Heralded as, “The non-surgical facelift that works” and is used by celebrities such as Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, and royalty herself, Kate Middleton, my curiosity was peaked. When you get to a certain age, you would be lying if you said you didn’t worry about ageing and although I would never get anything surgical done to my face, this alternative non-surgical facelift was appealing to me. I really wanted to see for myself if the LED light therapy mixed with electrical microcurrents would create the same result without the side effects.


How it works

There is a range of treatments that address different parts of the body and face, specifically targeting wrinkles, lines, acne and stretch marks. I opted for the CACI Synergy Treatment which combines their signature facial toning treatment with the added benefits of ultrasonic peels and microdermabrasion to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the skin before lifting it. The procedure, which lasts 90 minutes, begins with an exfoliation process known as microdermabrasion, followed by the peel. This is then followed by the use of a dual action technology using LED (light emitting diode) light therapy with CACI microcurrents.

The LED light therapy serves the purpose of boosting collagen using red and blue LED, which is the equivalent of giving your face a really tough workout in the gym, using the LED to massage and wake up the muscles under the skin while healing and triggering tissue repair. As the microcurrents are being worked through your skin, expect to feel a slight tingly sensation from the faint electrical impulses during the orbital actuator section of the treatment. The orbital actuator is in fact a wrinkle comb, yes a wrinkle comb, and I couldn’t be more pleased to be using it. If only we had one to bring home with us every day. The wrinkle comb is exactly what it sounds like, it literally combs out the wrinkles by targeting the fine lines around your eyes and mouth or specific target areas offering a non-invasive alternative to collagen injections. The LED light therapy then allows the skin a further opportunity to wake up, stretch and lift. This is all followed by a glorious application of hydrating and anti-wrinkle serums.

The Result

To be completely honest, I was nervous about getting up off the bed and having to collect my son from after school as it felt like my face had been through the best workout of its life and I was fully expecting it to be raw, red and in need of some time to heal. I was assured (even though I had not seen a mirror) that it was fine. But the reality was it was more than fine. My skin was literally glowing, but more importantly, my cheekbones looked higher and more defined, my eyes and the surface around them were no longer dark and tired but soft and luminescent. It was probably the best I had seen my skin without makeup since I was a young adult in my twenties and I felt not only comfortable to walk down Grafton Street and collect my son without an inch of makeup on but delighted to be doing so.

The effects last for about 2/3 weeks depending on how well you look after your skin post treatment i.e wearing SPF 30 every day under moisturiser to avoid hyperpigmentation and I have been using a night peel twice a week to maintain since then. This is by far the very best treatment I have ever tried and completely understand the hype around it and why it is a favourite among celebrities or anyone who is due to be in the spotlight. And although it is a little pricey at €150, the treatment itself is not only a thoroughly relaxing 90 minute experience but the results speak and pay for themselves. I am thrilled to know that something like this exists, that people don’t need to ruin their faces with cosmetic enhancements and that technology can produce not only the same result but even better.

The Details

Time per treatment: 90 minutes

Cost per treatment: €150 (course of 6 – €750)

Where to Get

Anne McDevitt, 13 Wicklow Street, is the only salon that does CACI Synergy in Dublin city centre and you can book an appointment by calling 01 6777962.

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