This New Beauty Brand Embraces Clean Cosmetics and Even Cleaner Oceans

One Ocean Beauty: the newest beauty brand dedicated to keeping our planet blue

photo: Courtesy of One Ocean Beauty

Words by Kylie McDaneld
April 26th, 2019

The Mission

With Earth Day behind us, it’s imperative to continue the conversation about what we can do to help make the planet a better, cleaner place for all of its inhabitants. It may be an intimidating topic, but, even though it sounds like a daunting task, it’s easy to make a positive difference in your environmental impact, and you can start with ‘clean cosmetics’.

Plastic use and the continued practice of burning fossil fuels is having a devastating effect on the oceans of the world, which cover more than 70% of the surface and over 90% of the habitable surface.

It’s projected that by the year 2100, if we continue on the path we are currently on, more than half of the world’s marine species could be on the brink of extinction.

The oceans absorb as much as 25% of all man-made carbon emissions, and that’s having a disastrous effect on our planet’s least protected ecosystem. Less than 1% of the world’s oceans and adjacent seas are protected, compared to the 12% of land area that is currently protected. Today, 60% of the world’s major marine ecosystems are either being degraded or are being exploited in a way that is not sustainable.

All these facts and numbers add up to the same conclusion: the oceans are hurting, and we all need to start taking action to make sure the harm that’s been inflicted doesn’t reach a tipping point that we cannot return from.

So, what can you possibly do to help prevent the destruction of our ocean’s ecosystems? There are many small changes you can implement to do your part in saving the biodiversity of coastal systems.

Reduce your plastic usage
; try to use only recyclable or biodegradable materials. It is estimated that 80% of rubbish in the ocean makes it there gradually, from storm drains, sewers, and runoff, even from far inland places.


Reduce your carbon emissions by utilising public transportation, walking, or biking instead of driving.


Use high-efficiency appliances where you can, and switch to compact fluorescent lightbulbs next time you need to replace a bulb.

Consider donating to causes that are dedicated to protecting the oceans
, or support brands that do. You’re going to spend your money on something, so why not put it towards a cause we can all benefit from? One Ocean Beauty is just one brand that is taking a stance against environmental damage caused by people, but there are sustainable options all over.

These are just the beginning of small adjustments you can make to your lifestyle that will ultimately lead to a huge improvement in the health of our oceans. It’s easy to underestimate your impact on the planet as an individual, but if every person made small lifestyle changes, we could undo the damage done to marine populations before it’s too late to save them.

A Brand Dedicated to Keeping Our Planet Blue

One Ocean Beauty, founded just last year, donated $250,000 to Oceana, an ocean conservation and advocacy non-profit organisation, before they even launched their brand. The company was built on philanthropic ideals, and it has created an answer to the growing demand for cleaner, sustainable beauty products.

Since it’s founding, Oceana has secured protection for over 4.5 million square miles of oceans, protected sea turtles from the danger of commercial fishing gear, put an end to industrial fishing in sensitive habitat areas, and… the list goes on. These victories represent the hope for a better future, one where empathy and compassion take precedence over passive neglect.

On Monday, it was announced that Net-A-Porter will now carry One Ocean Beauty products in their online collection. This partnership means that One Ocean Beauty is more accessible than ever to Ireland and the rest of Europe!



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Harnessing Natural Ingredients for Amazing Results

One Ocean Beauty uses what is known as blue biotechnology, the process of utilising natural marine bio-resources responsibly to create products that work without threatening the environment.

Marine microorganisms, kelp and algae living in extreme ocean environments develop unique survival properties to protect themselves against UV radiation, pollution and physical damage. One Ocean Beauty harnessed these extraordinary cellular survival mechanisms to produce clinically-proven, age-defying marine actives, targeted to achieve specific beauty and wellness results.

One Ocean Beauty is dedicated to ‘clean’ beauty products, meaning you won’t find any artificial fragrances, parabens, or sulfates in any of the products. Using naturally sourced ingredients responsibly, all while bringing attention to the critical condition of our oceans is what makes this brand stand out. The packaging is 100% recyclable, while the shipping materials come from sustainable forestry.

If you’re looking to make a change in your impact, start small. Support brands like One Ocean Beauty who advocate for cruelty-free, environmentally sustainable products for everyone.

Simply changing what products you put your money towards means supporting causes and organisations intent on conservation and long-term protection of our world. Don’t underestimate the positive impact you’re capable of making on our planet!

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