These Are the 4 New Beauty Releases You Need to Hear About

From skincare to haircare and everything in between

new-beauty-releases-2019-maven46photo: Courtesy of Shiseido

Words by Tanya Grimson
May 22nd, 2019

This month we have had so many amazing new beauty products arrive into the office, so many of which have impressed, that we’ve decided to divide this post in two. This week, we are calling out our top four products that left a lasting impression for different reasons. From a new way of cleansing to supplements that promise beauty from the inside out, plus the latest must-have tanning product that is bound to reach cult status in no time, here are our top four new beauty releases you have to try this month.

Waso Reset Cleansing Squad by Shiseido

Waso, one of Shiseido’s most successful ranges, has launched a new skincare product designed for millennials, using botanical ingredients to redefine the way you wash your face. Based on the principals of juice cleanses, the Reset Cleansing Squad offers three different types of washes based on your own skincare needs. Wild Garden (green) is recommended for those seeking nourishment, containing extracts from Okra which is filled with nutrients like vitamin A, C, B, protein, calcium and others. Good Vibes (yellow) is recommended as a mood booster and comes packed with vitamins and citrus scents. Romantic Dream (red) contains extracts of Kilchigo, a berry rich in polyphenol and vitamin E, which is known for its tightening and antioxidant benefits.


Shiseido is renowned for its quality products and sleek packaging and they don’t disappoint with this range that is beautiful to use and beautiful to look at with its quirky and relevant juice pack packaging.

Priced at €34 and available to buy at


Hush & Hush


Founders of legendary skincare range IMAGE skincare, Dr. Marc and Janna Robert, have launched a brand new range targeted at beauty from the inside out. Hush & Hush is their brand new range of beauty products using Clean Clinical Vitamins™ that will give the body the right nutrients and minerals to help slow down ageing, help with hair loss and improve your sleep from the inside out. The range comprises of  Time Capsule™ tablets that are due to rejuvenate the body and reverse the signs of ageing through a unique blend of ingredients such as Marine collagen, oils, amino acids and their trademark vitamins. Priced at €65 for 60 tablets. Deeply Rooted™ is a daily neutraceutical that is meant to aid in the prevention of hair loss and encouraging stronger, thicker and shinier hair with their range of vitamins, amino acids and botanical extracts. Priced at €75 for 120 capsules. Mind Your Mind™ is a melatonin-free neutraceutical using sleep enhancing botanicals to help reduce stress and promote a better nights sleep. Priced at €55 for 60 capsules.

Available online at and selected professional beauty salons.


Frizz Dismiss by Redken


If you are anything like me and curls are sometimes your best friend but mostly your troublesome friend who simply won’t behave, this haircare range is for you. Add summer and humidity into the mix and it’s a recipe for upknots and plaits. Redken has created Frizz Dismiss with me and my Curly Sues in mind, offering frizz protection in any climate. The range consists of specific climate protection oils, Anti-Static Oil Mist and Instant Deflate Oil-in-Serum, a selection of wet and dry serums plus a smoothing control cream called Rebel Tame which comes with new heat resistant technology allowing up to 45° heat to be used on the hair when styling.

The Frizz Dismiss range is priced from €18.85 to €33.65 and available in salons nationwide.



The Australian tanning sensation b.tan has recently launched in the Irish market. Known for its fantastic range of shades and great price points, we expect big things from this new beauty drop. Most anticipated is the 9-minute tan for anyone who loves a great tan but hates the process that goes with it; this tan can be applied in the shower, then all you have to do is wait nine minutes and you have a healthy summer glow. Another plus is that the range is vegan-friendly with zero parabens.

Prices start at €10 and available in Penneys, Dunnes Stores and pharmacies nationwide.