Alex Steinherr x Primark is Back In Stores

With some old favourites and a few new products to discover!

Words by Emma Tiernan
March 1st, 2019

The hugely successful Alex Steinherr x Primark budget skincare line has landed back in stores and this time there’s even more to discover within the collection which consists of 20 must-have products. The line was an instant sell-out when it first launched last year and we predict it will be no different this time around.

The line is cruelty-free, fragrance-free, gentle on the skin, and most importantly, results-driven. The products target different skincare concerns from dehydration, tiredness, and dullness to skin that has been affected by city life. It took over two years for the collection to be created and perfected, with beauty journalist Alex Steinherr being at the forefront of the process. Talking about the range, Steinherr said, “Everyday I have the privilege of speaking to my readers via my social media platforms and the question I’m asked most is – what’s the best high street skincare brand? And I struggled to recommend one brand that offered a total skincare solution. I was already doing some behind the scenes work with Primark so a collaboration with them to fit this bill made perfect sense. Together we took a blank sheet of paper and started from scratch, working to develop 20 products that offer my readers and the Primark customer great skincare at great value.”

Within the collection, there are five different ranges; Sleep Spa, Pore Balance, Maximum Moisture, Plump & Glow, and Pollution Solution, with each one targeting common skin concerns people have.

Sleep Spa – Sleep Spa is a saviour range for tired skin. The range consists of four products that get to work while you sleep to bring a whole new meaning to the term beauty sleep. Wake up to rejuvenated and fresh skin ready to take on the day. This range garnered a cult following with its hugely popular product Sleep Face Mask which (almost) literally flew off the shelves.

Pore Balance – If you are suffering from congested pores then this is the range for you. The products help calm the skin by gently purifying, leaving skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Plump & Glow – Dull and lacklustre skin be gone with the Plump & Glow range. Our favourites from the range are the Plump & Glow Moisturiser and the Power Mask as these products are sure to leave your skin with a fresh more youthful appearance.

Maximum Moisture – Winter skin got you down? Fear not because dehydrated skin is no match for this range. Described as a cool glass of water for the skin, these products will give your skin that boost of hydration it so desperately needs.

Pollution Solution – This range is for all us city gals who worry about the effects the daily grind has on our skin. The products in this range help counteract some of the external factors the skin faces on a daily basis.

With old favourites returning and new products to try, we recommend getting down to a Primark near you to ASAP because this collection is sure to sell out, especially with the price point ranging between €4 to €6.