What Your Perfume Choice Says About Your Personality

Ever wondered what draws you to certain scents?

What perfume says about you

Words by Morgan
February 15th, 2019

Have you ever wondered what people’s first impressions of you are? Well, one thing that might sway someone’s thoughts without you even knowing is the way you smell. We don’t necessarily mean your natural smell, although, that is said to play an important part in finding likeminded people. We’re talking about the scents you choose to wear. Perfume is a great identifier of personality and with such a huge spectrum of fragrances on the market, what does yours say about you?


People who lean towards citrus based aromas tend to be the life and soul of the party. Bursting with energy, citrus lovers are said to be natural leaders within their friendship groups and can oftentimes come across very assertive. Citrus smells are great if you’re looking to make an impact with your newest fragrance and maybe try something a little more daring than you’re used to.


Floral scents omit a certain sensitivity. People who wear rose perfume, for example, tend to be quite introspective and are naturally more quiet individuals. That’s not a bad thing though as like attracts like and those who favour lavender scents are also similar in temperament. Generally, if you like floral scents you are considered to be a friendly person who enjoys spending time with a few close friends over a cup of tea in a cosy café.

photo: Charles PH
photo: Annie Spratt

Sweet and Fruity

A classic undertone, vanilla is a firm favourite for most of us. The reason for this is because of its sweet, aromatic tones that remind a lot of us of our favourite sweet treats. There’s nothing “vanilla” about vanilla perfumes though as those who wear this smell are fun-loving, sociable people. Similarly, those who are drawn to fruity smells are also just as confident in their choices. Fruit-based scents like cherry or strawberry are usually reserved for bright and bubbly people who thrive off the energy in a room.


Warm and musky, oriental perfumes are for the bold. Unafraid, oriental notes will usually tell the world that you’re a sophisticated soul and it is thanks to these earthy undertones that oriental fragrances are best suited to the more mature wearer. If you’re looking to add a mysterious edge to your perfume collection, make sure to check out these spicy, wood-based notes.

It’s amazing to think how much you can decipher about a person simply from the way they smell. Ultimately though, it’s about what you like best. Always follow your nose and wear what you feel best suits you, you never know, you might even surprise yourself.