Luxury Beauty Products That Will Make You Want to Bring People into Your Bathroom

They're Instagram approved

Words by Emma Tiernan
October 19th, 2018

Have you ever wanted to buy a perfume just because it looked nice? Or thought, that moisturiser would look great sitting on my bathroom shelf? If the answer is yes, and I’ll bet it is, it’s OK; we’ve all been there, dropping the cash on a product simply because it looks good on the outside. In the age of Instagram, pretty sells. Which is why we are taking a look at some of the most aesthetically pleasing luxury beauty products on the market right now. Not only are these products luxurious to use but they’re a treat to look at too. Below, you’ll find the most Instagrammable products that will make you want to invite people into your bathroom just to have them look at your collection. From YSL’s Or Rouge collection and its stunning gold exterior to the classic Chanel packaging, these products are worth placing on a marble slab and displayed for all to see.


Whoever said all that glitters is not gold hasn’t seen any of these products! With these beauty finds proudly displayed on your shelf, you’ll be sure to make an impression. We’ve even included products that are literally made with 24 karat gold as well as ingredients even more precious than gold.

Classic Black 

Keep it simple and chic with sleek black; think the classic Chanel compacts and stylish Tom Ford perfume bottles. Place them on a gold tray to add an extra bit of sophistication to the display.

Millennial Pink 

Millennial pink is the ‘It’ colour amongst, well, millennials; from chairs and plates right down to skincare packaging, we want it all in millennial pink. You can even find Instagram accounts purely dedicated to sharing aesthetically pleasing images of pink-themed skincare such is our love of the shade. So, why not opt for a millennial pink tone on your bathroom shelf and have the products resting atop of a marble slab to make it Instagram-ready?


Keep it simple and clean with a minimal vibe on your bathroom shelves. This Scandi-inspired look is all about keeping things uncomplicated while still looking chic, but how can you flaunt your luxury products with such a minimalistic vibe you ask? By opting for brands that are famed for their simple design but no less stylish to look at such as Herbivore and La Mer. Add in a Diptyque candle and a bougie perfume like Byredo and you’re all set with a luxury minimalistic bathroom shelf.


No bathroom products are ready for their Instagram close-up without a fabulous tray to sit upon. Depending on your bathroom decor (or Instagram theme), you can choose from a mirrored gold or silver tray to strategically place your products and a few pieces of jewellery thrown artfully around them to add to the aesthetic. Alternatively, you can opt for a clean-cut vibe with a marble slab.