5 Benefits of Adding Hemp Seed Oil to Your Skincare Routine

The unexpected beauty product that's making waves

Words by Emma Tiernan
July 26th, 2018

A rather unusual product is making waves in the beauty world lately for its numerous benefits when it comes to skin health. Hemp seed oil, which is made from the seeds of the cannabis plant, is high in essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6, and rich in Vitamin E which is an essential vitamin for healthy skin. Not to be confused with cannabis oil, hemp seed oil contains little to no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) i.e. the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. So, fortunately, or unfortunately, it won’t get you high but it will work wonders for your skin. Discover its remarkable skin benefits below.

1. Hydration

One of the main benefits hemp seed oil is known for is its hydration properties. Hemp seed oil is one of the very few plant-based oils that acts both as a moisturiser and a hydrator. Since it is rich in fatty acids, it creates a protective barrier on your skin which helps stop moisture from evaporating throughout the day making it an excellent base for your makeup. As well as helping to retain moisture, it also adds a boost of hydration which will help out tired, dehydrated skin.

2. Acne-Prone Skin

Hemp seed oil helps fight and calm acne-prone skin or skin that suffers from irritation and inflammation. Due to its astringent properties, it helps balance sebum production thereby controlling oily skin, which in turn helps in controlling acne. Not only that but hemp seed also helps to regulate your hormones when taken orally as a pill. It contains linolenic acid which regulates your body’s hormones thus helping to control hormonal acne.

3. Prevent Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes the skin cells to multiply up to ten times faster than normal, leading the cells to pile up and inflame the skin’s surface. The fatty acids in hemp seed oil improve oxygenation, hydration and exfoliation which help in preventing Psoriasis from ever occurring.

4. Aids in Anti-Aging

Hemp seed oil contains high volumes of Vitamin E, a wonder vitamin for maintaining skin health. It improves elasticity and the skin’s ability to retain water, preventing it from sagging so that your skin looks firmer for longer. The anti-inflammatory properties found within the oil help to keep skin healthy and maintain that youthful glow all the while reducing wrinkles.

5. Oily Skin be Gone

Hemp seed oil is a dry oil, making it the perfect moisturiser for those of us with oily skin. Thanks to its astringent properties, the oil helps prevent excess sebum production which can lead to pesky breakouts. As mentioned above, hemp seed oil helps to bring hormonal imbalance under control which can be an underlying issue that causes excessive oil production.


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