Painting with Palettes! Catrice Cosmetics Launches New Professional Palettes

With expert tips from Derrick Carberry

Words by Emma Tiernan
April 16th, 2018

Catrice Cosmetics has teamed up with makeup artist Derrick Carberry to launch its SS18 Professional Palettes. The four-piece collection comprises of palettes for lips, eyes and face, and the expertly formulated products will range in shades from primary colours to complementary colours so that you can mix and match colours to achieve your desired look.

The idea behind the collection is to give everyone the opportunity to be a makeup artist, offering the basic tools you need to build your professional makeup kit and customise your look. And who better to divulge some expert advice and tips on working with colour than industry maven, Derrick Carberry?

Derrick explains the basics of colours as:

Primary colours are red, yellow and blue; these are the colours that make up all other colours on the spectrum.

Secondary colours are the colours you get from mixing primary colours together, for example, yellow + blue = green; red + blue = violet and so on.

Tertiary colours are the colours formed by mixing a secondary colour with its closest primary colour, for example, red-violet or blue-violet.

Complementary colours sit opposite each other on the colour wheel and are the colours that most affect us when applying makeup.

Now that you have a grasp on the idea behind the collection, take a closer look at the palettes themselves.



Catrice Lip Artist PRO Palette, €11.30

This lip palette features 15 shades, including black and white, three primary colours and 10 secondary and tertiary shades, ranging from nudes to deep berries. The palette has a separate mixing zone which allows you to experiment with the colours and create new shades. You can use the black to deepen a statement lip or use the white to enhance the lips by adding it to the centre of the top and bottom lip.

This palette would be perfect to take with you when travelling, as you can create many different looks using the same shades, and priced at €11.30 it’s a steal.

Catrice Creatrice Creamy Lip Palette (Matt & Vinyl versions), €9

This palette contains a lip primer, eight lipstick shades and highlighting powder, and according to Derrick, this palette is a must-have kit essential for any professional. The lipstick shades are a mix of Creamy Matt or Vinyl Lacquer which you can mix and blend to best suit your style.

Derrick says to “choose a shade based on your lips’ natural colour instead of your skin tone.” Here is an easy guide for you to go by:

Paler lips: Cherry red or coral tones
Pink/red lips: Hot pink or vivid orange
Darker lips: Deep vampy shades



Catrice Professional Artist Eyeshadow Palette, €11.30

Containing 16 long-lasting and highly pigmented powder eyeshadows, this palette consists of some new trend-led shadows and classic shades in matte and shimmering effects.

According to Derrick, “bright colours tend to look more muted on darker skin tones so applying a base concealer will help the colour stay true. Cool tones can tend to look ashy with darker skin so stick to what suits your tonality. Bright shades and pigments will sit on lighter skin so focus on your eye colour instead! Burnt oranges and tans will marry beautifully with blue eyes where purple and grey undertones bring out the glistening colour of green, hazel and brown eyes.”

One eyeshadow colour Derrick loves this season is red! And though he agrees that it sounds like one of those ‘avante garde’ runway trends that doesn’t translate well to everyday use, he is adamant that red eyeshadow can actually work for anyone! Well, if the expert says so! Here is a handy guide to what reds would work on your skin tone:

Fair skin tone: Rusty reds work best on light skin tones
Medium skin tones: Bright, primary reds look radiant on medium skin tones
Darker skin tones: Rich Bordeaux, burgundy and eggplant reds


Catrice Professional Make Up Techniques Face Palette, €14.30

This multifunctional palette can help you achieve it all, from contouring to draping and strobing. With 6 powders and two creamy textures, it is the perfect palette to have in your makeup bag.

To help you achieve a great overall skin look, Derrick suggests, “If you think of your skin as a filter, you have cool and pink undertones so any product you apply to the skin will be affected by this. Pinks will look stronger if you have prominent pink undertones and blue hues will stand out more. Silver highlights are flattering on lighter skin types but can be harsh on tanned skin. Warm, golden colours bring out the beautiful undertones of olive and darker skin tones.” The key is knowing your skin type, which is half the battle to achieving a great overall skin look!

You can find Catrice Cosmetics and the new range in Penneys, Dunnes Stores and pharmacies nationwide.