Your No-Fuss Guide to Finding the Perfect Foundation the department store


Words by Jane Jones
January 30th, 2018

If you’re a makeup newbie, it’s possible that you’re still searching for the right foundation that works for your skin type. Many women make the rookie mistake of wearing foundation that doesn’t match their skin tone or is just not suited for their skin type. To get help, many opt to go to department stores to have a consultation with beauty experts from high-end makeup brands, and while you do get a free makeover, there’s also the risk of overspending on products that you don’t need. According to a survey carried out by Superdrug, women spend an average of €300 annually on cosmetics so it’s imperative to find the right products for your face, and if there’s one thing that you absolutely have to get right, it’s your foundation. Finding the perfect makeup base will not only make your skin look flawless, but it can also make the rest of your makeup look better. Here’s how to shop for foundation at the department store:

Do your research

Before heading to the department store, do your research on the brands and types of foundation that you want to try. Check online if they have a wide range of shades to complement different skin tones or whether the makeup brand has a foundation suited for oily, dry, acne-prone or whatever your skin type may be. You may also want to check the product reviews to see if a popular foundation is worth all the hype. Doing so allows you to narrow down your top choices when choosing foundation for your skin, and it also gives you an idea on how much to spend at the makeup counter.

Prep your skin

Cleanse and prep your skin to ensure that any foundation that you try on will go on smoothly. After cleansing your face, apply a serum if you use one, followed by your go-to moisturiser on your face and neck. It’s best to head out the door with a bare face but if you can’t stand going out without makeup, then smooth on a tinted moisturiser, add a bit of lip tint and brow product, and you’re good to go. The minimal makeup look will give your face more polish but will still allow the natural texture of your complexion to peek through.


With a couple of brands in mind, head directly to the makeup counter (don’t get sidetracked) and swatch the foundation on your face near the jawline to find your perfect shade. At this point, a makeup artist will more than likely approach you and ask if you would like any assistance but don’t blurt out the automatic “I’m just looking, thank you” reply – their knowledge of the brand and its products might just come in handy. Here’s where it gets tricky, though – if you’re new to makeup, you can ask for recommendations for shades and finishes but try not to let on how little you actually know about makeup. Doing so can make you a target for a hard-sell, and you might walk out with products that you don’t even need (we’ve all been there).


Head outside

After finding a formula that matches your skin tone, ask the makeup artist if you can try it on all over so you can see how it sits on your face and whether it has the finish you’re looking for. Then head outside and look at your face in a hand mirror. If the foundation looks as good in natural light as it does under the flattering glow of the department store, then you’ve got yourself a winner. If you want to test it further before committing to purchase then see how the foundation wears over the course of the day – pay attention to things like whether it creeps into fine lines or makes you look like an oily mess after an hour. If it still ticks all the right boxes by the end of the day then you may just have found your perfect foundation.