Your Guide to Polished Party Hair

Transform your hair with top tips from Dylan Bradshaw & Dyson


Words by Nicole Thomsen
December 8th, 2017

‘Tis the season for parties galore but with so many occasions where you’re required to look your best, the festive season can be tough on your locks. To take the heat off and help you get the best from your hair this Christmas, we’ve enlisted leading stylist and hair maven Dylan Bradshaw to share his inside knowledge for party-ready hair.

Aside from having to come up with numerous different outfits, your hair can fall under a lot of pressure too over the course of the festive season as you try out various hairstyles to compliment each ensemble. Between tonging, backcombing and the dreaded ironing, your hair is subjected to a huge amount of stress and heat damage which we all know the perils of by now.

According to Bradshaw, “Reducing exposure to heat is so important to keep the cuticle tight and hair looking shiny, especially over the Christmas period. Some dryers blast air out that is upwards of 200°C which can do huge damage to your hair, but the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer has a sensor in the machine that checks the temperature 20 times per second, so it never exceeds 150°C.”

“With a medium heat, you can find that you can do a really great job with the blow dry and it just goes to show that you can dry hair without using the damaging temperatures that we’ve been using all these years.”

Of course, time is of the essence during the Christmas holidays and unfortunately, you aren’t always afforded the hours you would like to get yourself party-ready. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a good hair day. In moments like these, the best option is to pare things back. Forget about your curling tong and straightener and instead, focus on giving yourself a good blow dry.

With the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, not only is styling time greatly reduced, with the right attachment it’s easy to achieve your desired look with just one tool. Whether you’re after a sleek and straight style, textured waves or you just want to enhance what you’ve already got, this can do it all.


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“The first nozzle is the smoothing nozzle. It directs the heat and air in a way that smooths the hair, but without being too intense. It’s ideal for rough-drying, or for more inexperienced hair stylists,” explains Bradshaw. “The styling concentrator is a narrower nozzle which helps to generate more heat and concentrate the air in a designated area that you’re trying to style. It’s the nozzle you need if you’re trying a Christmas look with a curl, wave or other sorts of movement, this nozzle will do that for you.”

And for those of you blessed with a head full of curls, you’re in luck. “The diffuser is my favourite attachment. A lot of people put too much air through the diffuser. The nice thing about this diffuser is that it slows the airflow really well, it dries the hair gently, keeping your natural curls intact.”

As the final step in achieving and maintaining party-ready hair, Dylan Bradshaw advises, “Use a shot of cool air to set the hair – it’s a great way to finish off your style.” That way, you can be safe in the knowledge that your hair will look incredible from dusk ’til dawn, no matter how hard you hit the dancefloor.