4 Skin Supplements to Take for a Glowing Complexion

It starts from within


Words by Emma Connell
September 22nd, 2017

Your skin reflects your overall health which is why it is important to treat from within when looking to achieve that lustrous glow. And what better way to kickstart autumn than by trying one of these skin solving supplements that will have you on your way to a healthier complexion?

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Maca Root

Known scientifically as Lepidium meyenii, the Peruvian plant is growing more popular due to its long culinary and medicinal use in Peru. Studies have shown that the dense amount of protein within Maca can help keep your skin, hair and nails looking strong and healthy. Not only that but due to its high volumes of vitamins C, D and E, taking a daily dose will assist in the production of collagen within the skin, whilst aiding in the reduction of free radicals that cause everything from skin damage to inflammation.

Krill Oil

Found in tiny crustaceans in the depths of the ocean, krill oil is one of the most sustainable sources of Omega 3’s due to being extracted from the bottom of the food chain in the purest part of the ocean, away from commercial fishing. The benefits of krill oil within the body are endless but in particular, they have been known to assist in regulating hormone balance, so especially good for anyone suffering from hormonal acne. As well as this, the presence of Vitamin B will help heal damaged complexions and retain moisture balance.


Derived from the ancient Greek word ‘biotin’ meaning ‘life’, this Vitamin B complex supplement has been known to improve hair, nails, eyes and above all keep your skin looking healthy. Taking Biotin can protect your skin from developing fungal infections and acne breakouts whilst also keeping the appearance of your skin looking hydrated and smooth.

OptiBac Probiotics

Checking in with your gut health is essential to improving your overall health as many issues usually start as a result an imbalance of the flora within the gut. What goes on internally reflects the appearance of your skin, with the saying you are what you eat definitely applying here. By taking a daily dose of probiotics you are assisting in helping boost your immune system, increasing friendly bacteria, and aiding in the elimination of toxins causing spots or acne.

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Supplements should be taken as part of a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle.