The Best Beauty Oils You Need to Use From Head to Toe

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Words by Sarah Jane Lanagan
February 6th, 2017

Beauty oils have become increasingly popular over the past few seasons and while many sing their praises, some remain unconvinced and even mystified by their uses. There can be lingering concerns about whether or not they will work wonders as so often promised, or leave you looking like you’ve had a close encounter with a deep fat fryer.

Well, fear not, as we’ve been delving into the world of beauty oils to uncover their secrets and cherry pick the best ones out there:

Facial Oils

This is usually the area we shy away from when it comes to oils for fear of causing a breakout or looking like a disco ball for the day. However, face oils can be really beneficial, if you find the right one for your skin type.

During the day, lighter formulas are ideal, as they will absorb quickly when applied and won’t disrupt your make-up. Heavier, more nutritive formulas, such as Rosehip are more suited to nourishing dry skin at night, especially during the winter months.

For those with oilier skin, antiseptic Rosemary oil is an ingredient to look out for, as is Jojoba oil (which our Senior Editorial Assistant Nicole swears by) due to its rebalancing properties which “trick” the skin into thinking it’s produced enough natural oil.

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Hair Oils

In much the same way that different skin types benefit from different ingredients in oils, the same can be said for our hair. Heavy oils can especially weigh down fine hair and leave it looking lank, so look out for hair mist oils, which are lighter. Thicker hair will benefit from rich Avocado or Marula oil as these penetrate deeper into the hair to give it a shiny, glossier finish.

As with all oils, if in doubt, start by using only a little worked through the ends (rather than from root to tip) for a smoother, sleeker finish. Otherwise, you could end up having to rock a “slick” ponytail for the day!

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Body Oils

There’s nothing quite like a rich body oil like NARS Monoi Body Glow massaged into skin to bring back a healthy look, especially if you’ve been keeping your limbs wrapped up in layers of clothing over the winter. For those short on time or caught on the run, a spray oil is a great option as it will absorb quickly into skin meaning you won’t have to wait around for it to sink in before pulling on your clothes!

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