Spend VS Save: Beauty Must-Haves

find out the best make up bag beauty dupes around


Words by Nicole Thomsen
February 3rd, 2017

We know keeping up with the latest beauty trends can be tasking, not to mention an all-round expensive habit. But with maven46‘s Spend VS Save guide we’ll show you exactly what you should be investing in and ways to save the pound.

Find some of our makeup bag favourites below and their cheaper alternatives.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat in the shade ‘Pillowtalk’ has become a beauty must-have in the short time that the brand has been about. The barely there lip liner mimics the natural colour of lips, enabling you to resize and reshape your pout without falling victim to the overdrawn look. While Pillowtalk is certainly a good one to have in your arsenal, if you’re on a budget L’Oréal’s Lip Liner Couture does a fairly convincing job with the shade 630 being almost identical to Pillowtalk. Of course, there is some difference between the two. Pillowtalk is softer and smoother to apply but at a quarter of the price, L’Oréal’s dupe can’t be dissed. Hold off on the fillers for now.

When it comes to makeup sponges, people seem to lie on either side of the opposing fence; there are those who swear by the original Beautyblender and those who will use any sponge they can lay their hands on. To be different, I lie in between. The Beautyblender, the sponge that started it all, is fantastic. It applies foundation flawlessly, something I can never replicate with a brush. However, the Miracle Complexion Sponge by Real Techniques is just as good. It is a touch more firm than the Beautyblender but apart from that, I see no difference, except for colour and shape, of course. Application is equally as smooth and for those who like to replace theirs every 2-3 months for hygiene reasons, the price can’t be beaten.

Another must-have product from the marketing phenomenon that is Charlotte Tilbury is the Brow Lift. The three-in-one tool which includes a brow pencil, brow comb and highlighting powder creates natural looking brows whether or not you’ve been blessed like Brooke Shiels or the Nineties took a swipe at your arches. However, the Brow Lift is only available in three shades which unfortunately will not suit everyone. For those who cannot find the perfect match from Charlotte Tilbury, Sleek Eyebrow Stylist is a great alternative. While it doesn’t come with a highlighting powder, the Eyebrow Stylist is similar in every other way. It contains a brow comb and a brow pencil which is also available in three shades. Some of these shades are cooler than those offered by Charlotte Tilbury so if, like me, you found Brooke S to be too warm, try Sleek Eyebrow Stylist in dark which is cool-toned.

Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Bricks are a necessity when it comes to creating a subtle, glowing look for the upcoming spring/summer months. Available in both a rose palette and a bronze palette, they can be used to highlight points of the face such as the cheekbones and brow bone and give an effortless bronzed look to the cheeks and temples. Each shade can also be used singularly as an eyeshadow. But of course these palettes don’t come cheap. If you want to test which shades will work best with your complexion, check out Seventeen’s Instant Glow Shimmer Bricks which are almost identical to Bobbi Brown’s.

Eyeko’s Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner not only creates the perfect cat eye, it also contains a lash enhancing serum that promises to increase the thickness and length of your lashes in 15 days. The brush tip, which is made up of actual bristles and not felt, is so precise and pointed that it allows for a smooth, neat application that results in a highly pigmented killer flick even from novices. Similarly, Physician’s Formula Lash Boosting Eyeliner targets the base of lashes to promote growth and features a fine brush tip as opposed to a felt tip. While the payoff isn’t as strong, the Eye Booster could give Eyeko a run for its money when paired with an eyelid primer.