8 Hair Oils to Nourish

Banish those dry ends for good


Words by Emma Connell
December 29th, 2016

Hair oils are considered the Holy Grail among those who religiously dye their hair. But as the harsh weather pattern sets in it’s time we take a leaf out of their book and start injecting some lustrous oil into our own locks. Just like every other part of our body, in the winter your hair needs to be moisturised as central heating and bitterly cold air drains the life out of our locksleaving them dry and brittle. Using oils that contain essential fatty acids will help control and restore the moisture balance, leaving your mane soft, shiny and manageable.


Incorporate an oil into your beauty regime by applying to wet or dry hair depending on how dehydrated and coarse your hair feels. For a deep conditioning treatment use after you shampoo your hair and leave in for up to an hour to reap the benefits. If your hair is already on the oily side and you just need a slight buffing here and there apply a pea sized amount on the palm of your hands and run your fingers through the dry parts, which for me is usually the ends.

To achieve salon looking hair in a matter of moments shop our edit of the best nourishing hair oils to banish frizz and restore moisture below.