How to Keep Your Hair in Tip Top Shape on Holiday

Beat the heat with these pro tips

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Words by Nicole Thomsen
May 26th, 2016

While we might count down the days, hours and minutes until the next sun holiday, our hair doesn’t quite share our excitement. Long, hot days under the beating sun, dipping in and out of the ocean can leave hair stressed and looking more like Monica Geller in Barbados (“It’s the humidity”) rather than Gisele Bundchen on a beach. But with a few simple tips thanks to Carly Donohue from David Marshall Hair Academy you too can look like a beach goddess and protect your tresses while you’re at it.

1. Go natural
Harder water and warmer weather can be tough on your hair. Instead of heading straight for the hairdryer why not minimise excess damage by allowing hair to dry naturally. If you have a beautiful head of curls you can apply a cream serum to damp hair to keep your tresses smooth and sleek.
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2. Beach ready
Embrace your natural waves by applying a wave enhancing spray on damp hair for a relaxed, on-trend style that looks like you just came from a day at the beach even if you just rolled out of bed.
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3. Frizz control
Those extra degrees on the thermometer can often mean trouble for hair. Minimise the effects of an unruly mane with a smoothing cream which will tame frizz and flyaways, leaving hair with a lasting sleek finish.
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4. Tangle tame
“I never brush my hair.” If you’re not one of the lucky ones who can boast this then a tangle spray will be your saving grace. This will untangle hard to comb hair in seconds all the while conditioning it so that it’s healthier in the long run.
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5. Colour protect
Long days under the glaring sun can often cause your colour to fade, leaving you with a whole new shade you never intended. Minimise this with a colour extending shampoo and conditioner to maintain that freshly coloured gloss.
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