Your Most Asked Make-Up Questions Answered

Our resident beauty expert Sarah Jane answers your top make-up questions


Words by Sarah Jane Lanagan
April 27th, 2016

Make-up can be a tricky business to master sometimes, which is why I love giving any help and advice I can when people need it. Sort of like a caped crusader, only instead of a nifty, colourful costume and utility belt I’m in all black and waving a mascara wand! It was such a pleasure to be a part of the maven46 Fashion Glossary and Beauty Brunch; it gave us all a chance to connect with you, our lovely readers and see what you want to know and ultimately read about. There were a lot of questions about make-up and beauty on the day, so in case you missed any of it, here’s a little recap of the main topics covered!



Whether done with a liquid illuminator or powder, the technique and aim is the same; to bring attention to the higher planes of the face, brightening and lifting them for a more youthful, natural finish (yes, this is exactly the same as highlighting!). To give skin a dewy, iridescent look rather than shiny and oil slicked, avoid the T-zone and apply your product to the top of the cheek bones, inner corner of the eyes, Cupid’s bow and along the bridge of the nose.

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BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector
theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

Stop the dreaded lipstick line


Visible lip liner was big in the ’90s and I for one, would like to leave it there, but liner is necessary for keeping your lipstick from feathering- so what’s a girl to do? To avoid your lipstick from fading to reveal an outline, the easiest thing to do is apply your liner and then lightly smudge it towards the center of lips using a brush or cotton bud so it looks blended rather than too obvious, then apply your lip colour on top. That way, even if your lipstick fades you won’t be left with a harsh line along the outskirts of your lips and you will still have a slight stain of colour.

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Clinique Lip Brush
No7 Precision Lips Pencil

Natural looking liner and lashes


Full lashes and liner can look fantastic on a night out, but there are times when a girl wants more of a light flutter rather than full on drama, and it’s those occasions that I’d suggest reaching for either demi (half) lashes, or more delicate natural ones. These often have a lighter thread, rather than a strip holding the lashes together so it means you can use a dark shadow, pushed into lashes to hide the line rather than needing to use a liquid liner flick.

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The Vintage Cosmetic Company “Connie” Lashes

Mastering liquid liner


For some, liquid liner comes naturally but for others there’s something that just never quite clicks. My top tip is to create a “template” first, with a product in a lighter shade that’s easy to use and blend away if you make a mistake such as a soft kohl pencil or eye shadow. Once you have the template perfected, go over it with a liquid liner for a smooth, even finish and voilà, perfect eyeliner!

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