icoone – The Inch Taker

Revolutionary new treatment achieves results fast!


Words by Tanya Grimson
August 9th, 2015

When I was asked to review the ‘revolutionary’ micro stimulating fat busting device that Gwyneth Paltrow swears by (it’s not all healthy eating you know) which promises to take off at least an inch after 5 sessions, I have to admit not only did I jump at the chance, due to an impending beach holiday, but I was also skeptical. You tend to read a lot about new things that promise you so much and ultimately fail to deliver, but I was also excited to see if there was such a thing that would shift some excess mummy tummy weight that even personal one-on-one pilates sessions were failing to shift. I was also hoping that not only would I shift these stubborn inches but that the definition of my skin would improve as promised and appear more toned and less ripply (another wonderful side effect of age and a baby).

In my first session I met my therapist, Tara, who throughout the course was amazing to deal with. When you are wrapped in a transparent white body stocking with rollers going over every inch of your body, it helps to have someone you can feel completely comfortable with (we laughed a lot throughout the sessions).  At the first session we discussed which areas of my body I wanted to address and why, i.e my tummy and smoothing out my legs, and if you can throw in a dash of bingo wings elimination then all the better. The session then began, lasting approximately 40 minutes, with the roller working its way around my body. I would describe it as the most powerful hoover sucking fat from the inside out, the tiny micro holes in the roller break down the water and fat nodules under the skin subsequently stimulating new cell growth and creating new collagen in the process. icoone also aids lymphatic drainage and increases circulation in the body.

Each person has a different pain threshold and areas that they find more uncomfortable than others, this is due to where the most amount of fat is held on your body, so the more the machine has to work to break down the fat, the more uncomfortable it is. But, remember why this is happening and it is easier to manage. I was able to handle level 8 out of 10 on my tummy but my legs did not cope as well and only managed level 4 on the first session. I was told this would improve as the fat breaks down and the density of the skin gets firmer, and they weren’t lying. Even in session two I found it so much easier, and after my second session, I found I had already lost one inch from around my waist, the skin was most definitely looking slimmer and more toned and I think I was even starting to see some old muscles peaking out from under the skin. All within two sessions.

I was shocked and ultimately rearing to go again, and it is definitely true what they say – no pain, no gain! But I was definitely gaining so I was determined to up my levels all round. On session three, I went to a 9 on my tummy and 5 on the fronts of my legs and 8 on the back of my legs, I felt the difference, it definitely felt stronger and a little more uncomfortable but ultimately I understood why it was happening and it was going to be worth it.

The result

By the time I finished my 5th and final session, I was truly sad as I had become slightly addicted to it; seeing the effects after each session egged me on for more, and by the end of the last session, not only had I lost two-inches from around my waist, but my pre-baby tummy muscles were definitely showing through. My tummy was not only flatter and more defined at the sides but the appearance of my skin was a joy. There was no more saggy skin, it was toned and lean, and my legs had less dimpling. I didn’t lose as much on my legs because I was on a lower setting and my ultimate aim was to focus on my tummy.

For women who have tried everything or are looking to get back into shape after having a baby, I am not dismissing the gym or any form of exercise (we all need to stay fit) but for those of us who cannot shift those saggy patches or extra inches, this treatment is a no-brainer. It is rare for me to be so shocked by what a treatment can actually do, but I am genuinely hooked. Anytime I need to fit into that extra special dress or have another holiday to go on, I know where my first point of call will be. And when you think about how much you can spend on a special dress, with each session working out at €50, I can’t think of a better way to spend my money.


€250 for 5 sessions or €480 for 10 sessions.

Individual top up appointments cost €65 per 30 minute session.


icoone is used for:

localized fat deposits / cellulite / saddlebags / silhouette remodelling / skin laxity / sagging inner thighs or inner arms/ stretch marks / firming of breasts / firming of face, neck and cleavage/ deep wrinkles / expression lines

icoone is exclusively available in RENEW Aesthetic Clinic. To book an apt or for more information see www.renewclinic.ie   T: 01 661 9261 and 045 901 111