Top 12 Summer Beauty Hacks

12 summer hacks that you can't live without

Words by Helen Sanfey
May 28th, 2015

The summer is firmly upon us and we know how hard it can be to get prepared for whatever the summer throws at you. From sweating in the sun to being sandy from the beach we have 12 summer hacks to help you this holiday season. With a mixture of home remedies to keep your hair and skin hydrated to exhibiting some amazing products on the market at the moment, we have this summer down!


Waterproof Mascara

There’s nothing worse than going for a dip on your beach holiday and ending up with panda eyes!  A must have in any woman’s make-up bag has to be waterproof mascara, especially for the summer months. Our waterproof mascara of the summer is Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara that has a 12 hour hold and covers you no matter what events the summer brings.


Summer ready Foundation

High heat is the biggest perk of going on a summer holiday but with a lot of sun comes blemishes and imperfections due to sweating and heat rashes. We recommend wearing a light moisturising foundation and have just the thing for you. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream is light, highly hydrating on your skin but best of all covers any imperfections you might be worried about. Available in a multitude of shades this light foundation will cause  skin envy.

Lipstick Crayon

Glosses are a no no this season and dressed in your best summer outfit the last thing you need is your lippy letting you down. The new summer beauty hack this season is lipstick crayon. Possessing duality as a blusher, the lipstick crayon is the new beauty trend everyone is raving about and we just love the burst of colour it provides with a balm like feel. Revlon Colour Burst Balm Stain is a very good place to start.

Make-Up Setting Spray

The most irritating thing to happen on holidays when you have your BB cream and lipstick crayon applied is for the heat to start sweating your make-up off. This has to be avoided if you are going to have a night on the town looking your best. Using a setting spray on your make-up will make sure your make-up stays where it needs to be. Urban Decay Chill Make-Up Setting Spray will ensure your make-up stays in place all night.

Getting those beach waves just right

We all know that trying to get those perfect beach waves can sometimes be a herculean task, especially with windy beaches and unpredictable weather. This summer L’Oreal have answered our hair prayers with their Professional Tecni-Art Beach Spray tailored to give us those glorious beach waves.

Eye Make-up remover swabs


Taking your eye make-up off after a night out is both time consuming and sometimes an impossible undertaking. Sephora has made this nightly routine effortless with their new and totally ingenious Make-up Remover Swabs. It’s a cult beauty product in the making!

But enough with shop bought beauty hacks, let’s move on to the home remedy hacks that will save you this summer.


Frizz Control

Humidity can be the bane of our lives when it catches your hair and won’t let go. Frizz is one of the top problems we have with hot weather and trying to keep it under control can be a living nightmare. A top tip for keeping your hair under control is none other than coconut oil. Use it like a serum for a frizz free holiday.

Sandy Blisters

When were out in the sun we like to look good. As summer shoe fashion is predominantly sandals, from gladiators to bejewelled slip-ons, no matter what type of sandal we wear there is always one reoccurring problem………..Chaffing! To avoid blisters and wearing plasters that never seem to stay on your foot, simply spray some deodorant onto your ankle and toes for a blister free holiday.

Sun kissed skin

We all love to sun bathe when were on our holidays but sometimes you don’t always tan the way you’d hoped you would, or you end up completely burning yourself to oblivion when you fell asleep listening to music on the beach. To avoid drastic tanning measures, apply a high factor on your skin and simply add some bronzer to your moisturiser, this will give you a healthy looking glow whilst keeping your skin hydrated and safe.

Sand free miracle

We all love the beach! The sea, the sun and the hot tanned men playing football, however the one thing that drives us all crazy is the sand. Once you’ve stepped foot on the sand it follows you everywhere. Fear not ladies as we have a top tip that will help you shed the gritty sand with ease. Before you hop into the shower after the beach sprinkle baby powder over the sandy area and it will roll off you like water beads.

Avocado hair treatment

For those of you who find the sun completely dries out your hair, try crushing some avocado into a bowl and rubbing it through your split ends. This will treat your hair and put some moisture back into those lovely locks.

Lemon loving hair

For most people summer is their favourite time of year for some many reasons.One of those reasons is that we don’t have to pay money to get our hair lightened; the sun does that for us. Add some lemon juice to your hair and rock those beautiful natural blonde streaks. But don’t forget to add the avocado after to regain some of the lost moisture in the lightening process.


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