12 Hair Masks Worth Investing In

Bring your hair back to life with our beauty hacks and best hair masks of 2015


Words by Adina Whyte
May 1st, 2015

Does anyone else’s hair have a mind of its own? Well it sure feels like it sometimes. No matter what we do to take care of it, we’re somehow still doing damage. We’re being told not to use heat or style your hair, but at the same time don’t tie up your hair because that could break it too? We’re not all born with gorgeously sleek natural hair, we need some help please!

As a girl adamant about holding onto her long hair, the war with split ends is REAL! I’m sure most of you will feel my pain. And add to this too many highlights which equates to a dry tangled mess.  I have tried so many products that claim to ‘repair’, ‘reduce’ and ‘prevent’ breakage that I think it’s time to let you all know what our residents stylists recommend and what products to make room for on the bathroom shelf. Today we are talking about deep conditioners and masks that are actually worth investing in. From budget to high-end we have something for everyone, and a few tips to help along the way.

Prevention is Key…

1.) To get started, ideally you should try to treat your thirsty locks to a treatment or mask at least once a week, to help prevent any future breakage.

2.) To make a hair mask really work in your favor, try coating your hair in a mask after towel drying hair, gently brush with a wide tooth comb or tangle teaser, then throw your hair into a shower cap for 30 minutes and sit by an open window (if it’s sunny), wrap a warm towel around it or even grab your hair dryer. The idea is to create an instant sauna, and the heat will help your strands soak in all of the nourishing goodness the mask has to offer. For very thirsty locks try leaving on overnight and wash out well the next day!

3.) Don’t forget about using heat protection. Some conditioners might include some heat and colour protection like the Pureology range, but most don’t, so invest in a good leave-in heat protection spray. Also try to avoid heat as much as possible and try let hair air dry at least once a week.

4.) Be gentle! I know it’s tempting to go hell-for-leather with your towel after your shower but drying with a towel can leave your hair cuticles rough, tangled and prone to breakage. Try using a cotton T-shirt instead as it’s kinder to your hair and squeeze hair rather than rubbing it dry.

5.) Stop playing with it! No twisting, pulling, brushing etc. By touching your hair you are drawing out essential oils and drying out your hair even more. So no more.

6.) If you are like me and tie your hair up constantly, we both need new hairstyles. Tying your hair in the same way everyday with harsh elastics will gradually saw away at the strands, so alternate your styles, or at least find some softer hair ties.

7.) Get regular trims (every 8-10 weeks is best). As much as products claim to, you can’t totally reverse damage, the only solution is to keep the hair healthy with regular trims to prevent split ends from moving further up the hair shaft.

8.) Wash your hair less. Although you think your hair might look greasy these are oils that are protecting and nourishing your hair, and by washing too often your hair can be striped of these oils. And FYI the more you wash it the greasier it will get as your hair will be working overtime to replace what was lost.

9.) Sleep on a silk pillowcase. Tossing in your sleep can mean you wake up with a tangled mess the next morning. A silk case will prevent snagging in your sleep and less knots to brush through in the morning. Your face will thank you too.

10.) Make sure to protect your hair against the suns harsh rays in the summer, it’s not just your skin that can suffer. Heat protection doesn’t just apply to your styling tools. Floppy hats are in this summer so take advantage, but make sure to have a leave in spray by your side like this one from L’Oreal!

Now to decide which mask is for you…


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle – €7.79

An oldie but a goodie, and a brand that most people have tried. It’s too good to leave out, especially with that price tag. I wouldn’t quite say a miracle but it’s pretty damn good! The smell alone will convince you to buy more.

Shop it at Boots or FeelUnique.


Garnier Ultimate Blends The Strength Restorer 1 Minute Treatment – €6.29

A newbie on the hair scene but this range is certainly grabbing people’s attention, and it has certainly got mine. The latest addition to the Ultimate Blends is the strength restorer which only launched this month. It combines honey, propolis and royal jelly to form an indulgent treat for your hair to help strenghten and prevent breakage. We’re making a bee line for this one. (Sorry couldn’t resist!)

Now available online at Boots.

Coconut Oil – €15

If you haven’t started using coconut oil yet, start. This multitasking product is great for everything from dry hair, skin and cuticles to cooking and baking. Coconut oil, unlike many other products has been proven to penetrate the hair folicle and nourish from the inside out. This means hair is stronger and less likely to break. Slather on at night and wash out well in the morning for beautifully soft hair!

Available to buy at most health shops and online here.


John Frieda Full Repair™ Deep Conditioner Mask – €8.50

This is one high street range that can definitely hold its own against the more expensive luxury brands. I always have this on my bathroom shelf, especially for the price. I have tried many products in the range and have yet to be disappointed! It uses lightweight Incha Inchi Oil, that penetrates deep and repairs the look and feel of over-styled hair but won’t weight down hair like many heavy conditioners can. Leave it on for 10-30mins for even greater results.

Available at Boots and FeelUnique.


L’Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Riche Mask – €8.99

I am a big fan of their Expertise range as it contains no sulfates, a potential irritant that can strip hair of oils. Sulfate free formulas respect hair and is also great for colour treated hair. It is also enriched with botanical oils which leaves hair feeling intensely nourished and helps to protect against dryness.

Available at Boots and FeelUnique.


Orofluido Beauty Mask – €13-16

As a well-loved salon brand the Orofluido mask does not disappoint! A luxurious blend of Argan, Cyperus and Linseed oil make for a profound repairing treat. Add this to the delicious amber and vanilla fragrance, you’ll never want to use anything else!

Available at FeelUnique and Cloud10Beauty.


Fekkai Prx Reparatives Mask – €30

This mask can transform dull brittle hair into soft and strong strands, especially after continued use. It contains keratin to repair hair and argan extract to soften, strengthen and add elasticity. It’s sweet vanilla fragrance just adds to its appeal.

Available at Amazon here.


Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment – €41

This does exactly what it claims to. It is on the pricey side, but if you can afford to splurge it is well worth it. From the first use you will be hooked! You won’t be able to stop running your fingers through your hair. It is a deep conditioning product so see what usage suits your hair, most likely once or twice weekly, overuse can weigh hair down.

Available at FeelUnique.


Pureology Hydrate Hydra Whip Masque – €30

Pureology is gaining a loyal following with it’s vegan and sulfate free haircare products and AntiFadeComplex®, which ensures your colour stays at it’s best. I am currently using their Super Smooth Conditioner for everyday use and it has worked wonders on my long tangled hair. I can only imagine what the masques would do! This is definitely next on my list, and from what I hear I won’t be disappointed!

Available in selected salons and FeelUnique.


Redken All Soft Heavy Cream – €25

This mask is known to totally transform hair. So much so people have admiteed to throwing away their straightners, need I say more?! A little goes a long way, so you will have this tub for ages. Redken’s exclusive Interbond Conditioning System and Silk-Luxe Complex target dry/brittle hair for intense, inside-out softeness, sleekness and brilliant shine.

Available at FeelUnique.


Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense – €34

The thermo-reactive masque provides intense nourishment for dry and sensitised hair. Heat activates the thermo-reactive formula, trapping the nourishing elements deep inside the hair fibre. It’s no wonder Kérastase Masquintense is one of the fastest selling products in the whole world with many awards under its belt. Definitely a fail-safe when choosing haircare.

Available in selected salons and FeelUnique.


Kérastase Discipline Maskeratine Smooth-in-Motion Masque – €34

A favourite of many a stylist, this formula is sure to cure your unruly hair. Your hair will be left manageable and easy to style. Take the struggle out of your morning routine and add this one to your collection.

Available at FeelUnique.

Let’s be honest, I have found some great products but I have yet to find one that can completely reverse  damage, but the good ones can certainly make you forget about the damage for a while and prevent any more! Do you know of any miracle workers out there? Let us know in the comments!


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